You Know It's Bad When You Can't Campaign with Daddy

Friday, July 09, 2010 0 Comments

Usually children get over the "you're dumb and know nothing" mentality once they emerge from adolescence. For Harry Reid's 47 year old son, however, the process is more a political than biological one.


For Nevada Democrats, November’s election may prove that something more toxic than one Reid on the party’s ticket is two.

Polls show Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, 70, struggling in his bid for a fifth term, with disapproval ratings hovering around 50 percent. Efforts to rescue him reach to the White House: President Barack Obama spoke at a campaign rally for Reid tonight at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Absent was the state’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Rory Reid, who was greeting supporters in the Washoe Valley more than 450 miles away. He is Harry Reid’s son.

The Reids have been keeping their distance from one another. They’ve attended few events together, and the first statewide television advertisement for Rory Reid, 47, made no mention of his last name.
What the fuck, Rory Reid isn't Madonna, he's going to have to use his last name eventually...

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