Christina Romer Quits as Obama Economic Adviser, Heads to San Francisco Fed?

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If you didn't think Romer taking over Janet Yellen's soon-to-be-vacated-but-not-soon-enough post as president of the San Francisco Fed, maybe her quitting her post at the White House can convince you she's ready to go.


Christina Romer said she would resign as chairman of President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisers to return to her teaching post at the University of California at Berkeley, effective Sept. 3.

Ms. Romer is the second member of Mr. Obama's economic team to leave. White House budget director Peter Orszag left earlier this summer. She said she is returning to California so the youngest of her three children can begin high school there.

Ms. Romer, 51 years old, was a high-profile salesperson for the Obama economic program—and considered successful at that mission, in part because of her sincerity and plain-spoken style.

The post, she said in an interview Thursday, "was definitely as hard as I thought it ever would have been."

Yeah OK, Romer wants to put her kid in school. My ass, we have the worst schools in the country, what logical individual would do such a thing?

Then again... that sort of awful logic would make her perfect for a stint at the SF Fed.

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