A Day of Mourning For the Tubes

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 , , 0 Comments

Just recently, we discussed the sanctity of the tubes and threats from Internet Goliath Google to said sanctity in its deal with Verizon to provide some kind of superior Internet that results in little more than an information monopoly. No sooner had I started back up on the net neutrality argument than came news that former Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), from whom the term "a series of tubes" came, has passed away in a tragic airplane crash.

The tubes DO salute you, Mr Stevens, and you're lucky that we'll mostly remember you for that one phrase than for any of the sheisty shit you pulled while you were in office. May you rest in peace and find all the LOLcats you ever wanted. I'm going to get in trouble for saying this but um did anyone check the airplane's series of tubes before takeoff?

And no, I'm not just linking to that WaPo PostPartisan article above because I happen to be quoted in it. Ahem. Thanks also due to Richi Jennings at Computer World's IT Blogwatch for picking up my comments on this Google/Verizon nonsense that must be stopped!

The Internet is NOT a big truck, DAMNIT!!!!! Kill net neutrality, these are OUR tubes!

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