Don't Go Having CEO Forums With Just Any Old Hoebag

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"CEO forums" bwhahaha. Surely.

The Hewlett-Packard Co. contractor accusing former Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd of sexual harassment didn’t have an affair or a sexual relationship with him, said Gloria Allred, the woman’s attorney.

Allred, a lawyer with Allred, Maroko & Goldberg in Los Angeles, declined to name the woman or comment further. The woman’s claim spurred an investigation of Hurd that led him to step down today.

While HP’s investigation didn’t find a violation of the company’s sexual-harassment policy, Hurd “demonstrated a profound lack of judgment that seriously undermined his credibility and damaged his effectiveness in leading HP,” General Counsel Michael Holston said earlier today. The stock plunged 9.3 percent in late trading after the announcement.


The company’s probe found that Hurd had a personal relationship with the contractor, who received pay from HP that wasn’t business-related.

Hurd submitted receipts for expenses ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 over two years, including meals and travel, that should have been labeled as personal and not related to business, said a person familiar with the situation.

The expenses were incurred at HP-hosted “CEO forums,” mostly in North America, in which Hurd participated, this person said. Hurd, who is married and has two children, intends to pay the company back the entire amount.

Gotta be careful with those business trips, there is certainly a right and wrong way to handle that particular situation.

Chances are if Gloria Allred is involved, there must have been some seriously freaky shit going down, it's almost like she can sniff out two (or more) people fucking who shouldn't be before they actually get busted.

Hurd may or may not have gotten some quality business out of his business but the Street didn't seem to like it (as if real events in the real economy can have an impact on the manipulated-beyond-recognition market hahaha that's laughable news). Well there was quite a bit more disappointing news like job numbers and this whole thing about the frigid economy still refusing to roll over:

"The hope was that we would have a great earnings season, and frankly the S&P has delivered on that in spades," said Peter Kenny, managing director at Knight Equity Markets in Jersey City, New Jersey.

"The disappointment is that in spite of the delivery of great earnings, you still have an economy that is not engaged and clearly not improving on the employment front."

The S&P didn't deliver that, whomever is fingerbanging the S&P with easy money delivered that. I won't drop any names but I guarantee you can find these guys CEO forum-ing with the economy while she sits there bored, dry and sick of them fucking with her.

P.S., this goes out to them.

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