Don't Touch My Tubes!

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Here comes the battle over precious Internet real estate. I'm still partial to the Internet 1 (business and commerce) and Internet 2 (LOLcats, porn and swearing) idea but as a person who makes a living from my work on the Internet, I hate to see any greasy fingers reaching into my pot, especially Google's.


Google and Verizon announced a joint proposal on Monday that would allow ISPs to offer premium content bundles over an unspecified global network — an unexpected gambit that would seem to call for separate and unequal internets.

The two companies say the guidelines would ensure that no internet traffic of kind is prioritized over other (with the exception of viruses, spam and the like). On the flipside, it would grant content companies looking to deliver services that require too much bandwidth for the regular internet to do so in return for payment, via a second set of pipes.

“There should be a new, enforceable prohibition against discriminatory practices,” reads part of their proposal, posted on both Verizon’s and Google’s websites. “For the first time, wireline broadband providers would not be able to discriminate against or prioritize lawful internet content, applications or services in a way that causes harm to users or competition.”

But wait a minute, isn't it discrimination if you're charging a premium to access the second, extra slick set of tubes capable of cranking out larger amounts of content on a streaming basis? Discrimination against starving publishers like myself who barely recoup hosting fees through ad revenue, let alone actually make a living off of these precious tubes.

Don't do it!

There are obviously more questions than there are answers at this point. Seems fairly obvious that providers would be far more interested in developing and improving the paid Internet while leaving the first set of tubes (Internet #2) rusty and clogged with spam. Want a spam-free experience? Pay us. Want to watch videos without obnoxious buffering every three seconds? Pay us.

With America pathetically trailing behind other parts of the world when it comes to Internet accessibility, I don't see how putting a pricetag on the tubes can solve our problems unless Google is paying for the infrastructure itself. Of course then it is theirs and we are simply allowed to use it.

Not much different than whatever it is we have going now.

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malus Diaz said...

Catastrophic Loss of Knowledge Events:
Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mongolia.

I'm sure there has been much more knowledge lost in crazy events.

a theory says that the 3rd generation after the fall of Rome didn't know what the Colosseum was used for.

The internet is not a survivor =( Not a bet I'd like to make, especially if its the winning one.

elf2006real said...

"With America pathetically trailing behind other parts of the world when it comes to Internet accessibility,"

What do you mean? Edge access, core capacity....??? A taxpayer funded broadband core?

[You know what this sounds like, right? Like you want a new "Right" to the Internet.]

Now I haven't reviewed this proposal of Google and Verizon, but it damn sure sounds like Corporatism to me...hey Mr Pol, here's some $$. Now "Regulate" my competition off the market.

oh yes....Google came to the top amongst the unregulated chaos, and now wants to become the "Ma Bell" of the Internet - and shut the door behind the next upstart that might destroy them....

elf2006real said...

I love it.

One's from India - where you have to baksheesh and be connected to get around the Bureaucracy.

One's from Russia where you better be in good with the KGB/FSB Mob that runs the place, or else...

And they come to America, get into an unregulated crazy competitive business - succeed wildly where they couldn't have even gotten in the door back home -

And now they want to turn it into baksheesh/FSB world.

OK. I normally don't have time for this evil corporation crap, but FUCK GOOGLE.


The LAST thing I want to see is government-funded internet. Whoops, too late, it's already on its way!

What I mean is that we have no incentive to build the infrastructure - why when the government will do it for us? God we're lazy.

Of course Google wants a piece, wouldn't you if you were in their shoes?

And you wonder why Obama wants to install an off switch on the Internet in the event of a "State of Emergency" on the Internet! Puhleeze. Like I said, don't touch my fucking tubes.

hey! look what the tubes can do with things that show up on the tubes ... especially when it's about "the tubes"

Nikola said...

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