Education's Race to the Bottom Brings Out the Scammers

Perhaps "scammers" is too harsh a word, these could just be good-hearted folks who would like to see nothing more than American kids get the education (read: educational funding) that they deserve. Chances are, however, that they simply smell money.

NYT tells us all about this booming new industry

With the Obama administration pouring billions into its nationwide campaign to overhaul failing schools, dozens of companies with little or no experience are portraying themselves as school turnaround experts as they compete for the money.

A husband-and-wife team that has specialized in teaching communication skills but never led a single school overhaul is seeking contracts in Ohio and Virginia. A corporation that has run into trouble with parents or authorities in several states in its charter school management business has now opened a school turnaround subsidiary. Other companies seeking federal money include offshoots of textbook conglomerates and classroom technology vendors.

Many of the new companies seem unprepared for the challenge of making over a public school, yet neither federal nor many state governments are organized to offer effective oversight, said Jack Jennings, president of the Center on Education Policy, a nonprofit group in Washington. “Many of these companies clearly just smell the money,” Mr. Jennings said.

Oh well, I say let them ruin the school system for cash, it's not like it could get any worse than it already is. American kids are lazy, fat and completely stupid. This is nothing new, I deal with college-educated people on a daily basis who cannot handle even the simplest task such as operating a telephone or writing an email that uses complete, coherent sentences.

In other words, we're doomed.

Of course, as a parent I realize that it is not up to my child's school to teach him but instead know that is my responsibility and school is little more than a playground for his social skills and preparation for a 9 - 5 when he gets older. It's free daycare for Mommy while she's out being a good little capitalist and every now and then he learns something useful to supplement what I've taught him. Too many parents are just as if not more lazy than their lazy ass idiot kids and assume it's up to the schools to do the educating. I guess in order to educate your children you have to have half a brain yourself so there goes that.

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OldSouth said...

Greetings, oh Tattooed Dispenser of Wisdom:

Exactly on point! We put the older one through the public schools, but in effect home-schooled her. The younger one, we home-schooled after the second grade. (He was about to murder his idiot teacher, and ten more years of idiots stretched ahead. Enuf was enuf.)

One's completing a high-powered grad school, one's entering a high-powered undergrad school. We did ok, in spite of the schools.