Go Topless Day Goes Bust in San Francisco (No Pun Intended)

When I think of places most likely to support a law that allows women to go topless, San Francisco isn't it. Sure, most of our populace couldn't care less either way but for the most part we like our toplessness limited to Bay to Breakers and maybe Pride - though between you and I, those most inclined to take their tops off in this town could do us all a favor and cover up.

Anyway, 14 men and 6 women took part in Sunday's protest, making it appear as though End the Fed is a more pressing issue than partial female nudity over in these parts. Go figure.

SF Gate:

The sight of men wearing bras or bikini tops hardly causes a ripple in San Francisco anymore, but today a group of guys did so for a different purpose - to demand that women be allowed to legally bare their breasts in public.

Not because men want to see them, the protesters said. For justice.

"If we're supposed to be equal across the board, then women should be allowed to show their breasts," said Michael Staley, 43, who was topless except for a bustier and a straw hat. "Why can't they? Men can, women should, period."

What's the harm in a little skin?

Of course you knew this story had to have a truly bizarre twist. From the GoTopless website:

Who can participate? We welcome everyone! GoTopless was founded by the Raelian Movement, which recognizes that life on Earth was created by advanced extraterrestrial scientists. These scientists, both male and female, used their mastery of genetic engineering to create humans in their own image (breasts included!). GoTopless includes thousands of women and men, who have a wide variety of beliefs, affiliations, etc..

The event is supposedly held in August to correspond with the August 26 anniversary of women being granted the right to vote. Held in various cities, this year was San Francisco's first (and most likely last). Protesters could also be found in NYC, Venice Beach, Chicago, Miami Beach, Austin, Seattle, Oahu and Denver. Denver, really? Whatevs.

We aren't sure if Sunday's participants believe in alien creators but we know for sure they believe either women should be able to uncover or men should be forced to cover up. We are jam-packed with hotties over here so I am not going to whine but know when I head home to Wisconsin to check in with the fam the very last thing I want to see is a sweaty, bratwurst-addicted Kowalski with his shirt off. Just sayin.

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