How Not to Lose Your Job Playing Around on the Internet

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 , , 0 Comments

I wrote a post on Going Concern earlier this week that seems to have struck a chord with those of you playing around on the Internet and though it was aimed mostly at the little number-crunchers, it's relevant to anyone trying to balance their work life and online activities. Read on:

Accountants are more prevalent in the social mediasphere than you might think; they’ve taken over Twitter, blog regularly and can even be found figuring out how to make Foursquare relevant to business. But since tapping the potential of social media for business is relatively new, not all organizations know exactly how to use the tools, nor do the understand the importance of a good social media policy within their organization. So here are some tips for making the most out of social media without losing your job. We’re sorry we have to even share these but we’ve seen some of you guys out there in the social mediasphere and it appears you need a reminder.

  • Choose Your 140 Characters Carefully
  • Ask About Your Firm’s Social Media Policy
  • Facebook Friends
  • Careful when commenting on blogs!
  • Whatever you do, never forget the Internet is forever

If you're interested in checking out the details on these tips, head over to Going Concern for the rest.

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