Inept San Francisco DA Decides Not to Charge Suspects in Tourist Shooting

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 , , , 1 Comments

I take back all the mean things I've said about tourists in the last 11 years. But all the mean things I've said about San Francisco's ineptitude still stand, especially the vicious comments I've made about our criminal justice system that seems to turn a blind eye to the human excrement, rampant drug use, and now violence that has plagued the city.

We didn't used to be like this, I swear.

When I first heard a 50 year old German tourist had been shot by stray gunfire near Union Square, I thought I was tripping. No, it was true. And now it appears as though our impotent DA's office will not prosecute any of the 5 suspects.

SF Gate:

An 18-year-old San Francisco man arrested soon after the Sunday night slaying of a German tourist - in a clash of rival groups partly caught on video - will not be charged with murder "at the present time," authorities said Tuesday.

Phillip Stewart was in a car that police later stopped after a Luxor cab driver spotted suspects enter the vehicle following gunfire at Mason and Geary streets that left Mechthild Schröer dead, police say. Four others in the same car were released Monday without being charged.

A 50-year-old rector of an elementary school in Minden, near Hanover, Schröer was shot less than a half block from her hotel in the city's Theater District. She was hit in the head by gunfire as groups crowded outside at the end of the celebrating opened fire.

As much as I have wished some tourists to my fine city harm (in my mind only, of course), this sickens me.

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Anonymous said...

The D.A. in SF is a serious threat to the safety of the citizens of the city. I am left of the left but I still want to be able to walk the streets knowing that gang members are being prosecuted. What gives with SF D.A.? Disgusting lack of duty to the city dwellers and visitors!!! I just got back from Germany and this story doesn't play well for SF!