Not Even Steve Jobs Can Get Things Done In San Francisco

Of all people, you would think Steve Jobs could at least drive up from Cupertino and personally shove the paperwork up the Board of Supervisors' asses. I'm just sayin.

It turns out Steve Jobs wasn't exaggerating all that much when he said it can take three years to get a cell tower approved in San Francisco.

Since the day Apple sold its first iPhone, AT&T, the exclusive American iPhone carrier, has been under fire for its spotty network coverage, particularly in San Francisco (but New Yorkers are also prone to iPhone reception beefing). The complaints got louder with the 3G phone and hardly abated with the release of iPhone 4.

A seemingly exasperated Jobs addressed the problem in a July 16 press conference. "When AT&T wants to add a cell tower in, oh, Texas or somewhere, it takes three weeks to get approval in a typical community. To get a cell phone tower in San Francisco, it takes something like three years," he said at the press event to discuss the iPhone 4's antenna issues two weeks ago.

See, I would have thought they would have planned for that one before dropping the iPhone on unsuspecting AT&T customers, especially in San Francisco. Of course we were going to run out and buy shit tons of them, and we all know it's impossible to get anything done here so what did Jobs expect?

Anyway, believe it or not, it could get harder to get nothing done in San Francisco if a new ordinance is approved. Anything for the sake of "improving aesthetics" when it comes to the view but we still can't do anything about the nasty sidewalks and crackheads on 6th St. Way to go once again, Board of Supes. I bet all of you have Verizon.

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The people have spoken and now they must suffer.

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