OMG! Free College for Everyone!

I have but one reasonable question in my mind: how the FUCK are we supposed to pay for this?!

The Houston Chronicle:

President Barack Obama, pounding his message that education "is the economic issue of our time," told a cheering crowd at the University of Texas today that making college affordable is a fight that resonates with him personally.

"Michelle and I – we had big loans to pay off when we graduated – and I remember what that felt like," Obama told the crowd.

"That's why I'm absolutely committed to making sure that here, in America, nobody is denied a college education, nobody is denied a chance to pursue their dreams, nobody is denied a chance to make the most in life just because they can't afford it," Obama said. "We are a better county than that, and we need to act like it."

Hahahahaha, sure, no one should be denied a college education if they can't afford but what if we as a country can't afford it? Should my 7 year old's standard of living drop when he is an adult because he and Mom had to shell out 52% in income tax to cover putting all of his little degenerate elementary school idiot friends through college?

Fuck off.

The cool part is that the Texans weren't buying any of it.
Obama's visit was targeted by Republicans including U.S. Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, who spoke to reporters in a conference call arranged by the Republican National Committee.

"This is a situation where if you go talk to folks in Texas, you find out that they are scared to death of the spending and they're scared to death of the tax increases that are headed their way, and they're wanting a different agenda in the future," Carter said. "The president is bringing a message to Texas which is a message that Texans are not interested in."

At UT, Obama challenged administrators of universities to get a handle on rising costs. He talked up a decision to change the administration of college loan funds so that what he called "$60 billion in unwarranted subsidies" to banks and financial institutions was redirected to student loans. Carter had a different take, saying his Central Texas district "lost 500 paying jobs in the private college loan industry when the Democrats federalized the college loan industry."

Guns and gold, kids, guns and gold. Gold won't put you through college but trust me, you don't need their remedial education any damn way.

Here's the deal: it's cheaper (in Obama's mind) to keep 18 - 22 year olds in state colleges for 4 years than it is to have to shell out food stamps, unemployment and Medicaid for their asses when they come out of high school and can't find a job. He's betting things will look up by the time these morons graduate and all will be well in the world, with plenty of decent-paying jobs that require absolutely no common sense or intellect whatsoever available by that time. Oh to be so optimistic.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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That was nothing short of brilliant. :)

Jill said...

I wish we could get over this ridiculous push for college, college, college! The country still needs garbage collectors, welders, mechanics, heating and air conditioning experts. There's good money to be made in many such fields - which do NOT require a college education. And why should the garbage man or the welder be made to feel like they're a flop just because they don't have a piece of paper?? Keep up this battle Jr Deputy!!