Poll: Canadians Swear More Than Jr Deputy Accountant AND Goldman Rats Combined

Monday, August 16, 2010 , , 1 Comments

What the fuck, Canada! Now I get why I am so popular up there! For some reason JDA has always been popular in Canada - at first with the Chartered Accountants and then in general, with Canada making up a whopping 5% of my overall traffic. Do I get some sort of prize for being the 45,000th most popular website in Toronto? Do I get some kind of credit for being a bridge between CAs and CPAs through the liberal dropping of F-bombs? How about a bonus for being from Wisconsin where most of our vowels sound suspiciously like those from our neighbors to the North?

Anyway, turns out the Canadians like the swearing. Who knew?

Check out the Toronto Sun, hard at work bleeping out the obscenities

Pardon our French, but WTF?

We're still steaming over a recent Angus Reid poll that says Canadians curse more than both Brits and Americans.


Could it be because we are taxed up the %&*+@ wazoo, from the feds right down to the lowly rural municipality because too many of our politicians don't have the *&$%#@ brains to cut spending, let alone cut spending in the right places.

According to the Fraser Institute, Tax Freedom Day would have come even later -- 25 days later to be exact -- if governments across the nation hadn't deferred the tax burden from unprecedented spending by running deficits.

So, instead of %*&$@ us now, they'll be %*&$@ us later.

Could the reason Canadians curse more than Brits and Americans be because our once-envied health system is going down the *&*+#@ toilet?

After all, it wasn't as if we needed the Canadian Medical Association to tell us Canada's health care system needs to be "massively transformed" -- what with wait times, prescription drug cockups, et %#@*& cetera.

But the country's largest doctors' group -- all 72,000 of them -- needs to kick itself in the %#@+% slats.

Statistics Canada says an estimated 4.1 million Canadians aged 12 or older are without a family doctor, either because they cannot find one or because they cannot get a doctor to accept them.

This, too, is *&%#@ outrageous.

Love it. Love it love it love it. What are the Canadians going to do when they can no longer shmob down South for a piece of our evil private healthcare? Guess there's always f^%$ing Mexico.

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Krupo said...

Ahahah, the Sun is a sensationalistic tabloid. I usually read it when I'm waiting for my barber to cut my hair. That's pretty much the only time :)