San Francisco's Fashionable Lady Bank Robber Gets Busted

Monday, August 02, 2010 , , 0 Comments

Too bad, I would have loved to see what she came up with next.

SF Weekly's Snitch
A miscreant accused of ripping off the Bank of America at 5268 Diamond Heights Boulevard came with a description that did not scream "bank robber":

Friday's gun-toting suspect was described as 5-foot-3 and perhaps 130 pounds, 30 to 40 with a tan complexion, curly brown shoulder-length hair with red highlights (thanks for noticing!), sunglasses, a black purse, denim dress, and silver flat sandals. Yes, she was a lady.
Our fashionable friend is now sitting in the San Mateo County Jail as she awaits extradition to San Francisco.

For those not familiar with how we get down here in my fine hometown of SF, we don't put much value on style. I mean sure, it's calculated when I slip into my cozy green Fed hoodie for a night at the hipster bar but for the most part we bypass rules of fashion and style in favor of warmth and usefulness. Making our bank robbing friend all that much more unique. You go, girl!

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