There Was No Rioting In West Hollywood Last Night

Thursday, August 05, 2010 , 0 Comments

LA Times:

Hundreds gathered for a rally in West Hollywood on Wednesday night to celebrate the ruling and to hear from the lawyers and plaintiffs who fought against Prop. 8 in federal court.

The jubilant crowd cheered, yelled and waved rainbow flags in celebration. They wore T-shirts that said, “Got rights?” and “Legalize Gay.” Several couples embraced and others played with their children.

Larry Riesenbach and Tim Ky, who were both wearing T-shirts that said, “I do,” said they didn’t want to miss the rally. They drove from South Pasadena with their 7-year-old son.

“This is the forefront of civil rights,” Riesenbach said. Though Riesenbach said he was thrilled about the ruling, he said, “It’s sad it takes a judge to say we’re equal.”

I'll buy you all an ice cream!

(Warning: the following video is NSFW and really not safe at all unless you're into the whole ice cream thing ifyouknowwhatImean so seriously, you're better off not even watching it.)

Um... nevermind, the youtube screenshot was too awful even for me to put up. Here it is if you dare (seriously, I'm warning you one more time).

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