TLP: And Now, The Academic View On Campaign Sleaze

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nikki haley emails
As if South Carolina GOP gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley didn't have enough people wanting to peep at the emails she exchanged with a political blogger who claims they got naked and naughty. Now a prominent poli-sci professor with Republican cred has weighed in, saying she should give up the emails.

The Huffington Post:
In a July 22 address to the Greenville County Republican Women's Club, Dr. David Woodard, a Clemson University political science professor, said that Haley's refusal to turn over relevant documents threatened not only her standing among conservatives (Margaret Thatcher, he proclaimed, would have released the e-mails) it potentially compromised future female candidates in the Palmetto State.

Said Woodard:
[I] think the most dangerous thing is that these accusations about her personal life need to be addressed in some way. Nobody seems to want to do it and I can understand why because these deal with the most personal things people are and you should probably leave [those] things alone.

But one of her accusers has released six to seven hundred emails while Nikki Haley has refused to respond because they are protected under state law, her computer is embargoed because it was used as a state computer. I think she needs to release her emails. Now I say this why? Because if they prove her innocence, why not release them? It is very clear to me that Margaret Thatcher would have released them. She was fearless in what she did.

If we are going to get women into elected office in South Carolina we cannot afford any shred of a scandal in our first statewide elected female governor. If scandal were to break out, heaven forbid, for the first female governor in South Carolina what happens to the women who runs as the second governor, or who tries to be the third governor?
See? It's all academic. It pretty much has to be when you bring the Iron Lady into a discussion about potentially steamy emails between supposed, alleged, not-at-all proven political fuckbuddies.

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