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obama bonus cut
Sure, it's a gesture. But it's one that people can understand. And it shows some cojones, no matter what Sarah Palin says. (By the way, what does Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer think of the mildly disturbing anatomical characterization Palin bestowed on her?)

Anyway, political appointments are a prize in any administration. The jobs often go to campaign staffer, fund-raisers or entrenched party officials as acknowledgment of support. This kind of move hardly counts as thanks.

President Obama on Tuesday ordered federal agencies to temporarily cut out bonuses and other non-salary payments for federal political appointees in light of the economy’s lackluster performance.

In a memo to federal agencies, Mr. Obama directed federal department heads to suspend “cash awards, quality step increases, bonuses, and similar discretionary payments or salary adjustments” for political appointees through the end of the 2011 fiscal year, or Sept. 30, 2011.

The memo did not include an estimate of how much the freeze would save. And the measure does not apply to federal employees who are not political appointees.

“I appreciate the hard work of our Federal workforce, and understand how important these payments can be to many workers and their families. Yet like households and businesses across the country, we need to make tough choices about how to spend our funds,” Mr. Obama said in a memo addressed to federal agencies.
It's the right kind of thing to say. Even if the people he's saying it to want to kick him in the cojones.

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Anonymous said...

Freezing bonuses for the next two months, at the end of the budget year after most bonuses have been given out, should save a boatload of money. Way to go!