TLP: In This Case, "Clawback" Means Something Totally Different

political fundraising
Is Patty Murray trying to tell us something about her, um, social habits?

WSJ Washington Wire:
Sampling Cougar Gold at Obama Fund-Raiser

SEATTLE - President Barack Obama’s barnstorming political tour raised a question reverberating through the vast readership of White House press pool reports: What the heck is Cougar Gold?

On a fund-raising blitz today that raised $1.3 million for Sen. Patty Murray’s re-election campaign, the president stopped by the graceful home of Rob Glaser, founder of RealNetworks, on the shores of Lake Washington. The pool report ran through the menu: “‘Green bean, cucumber, tomato salad, cougar gold and basil;’ main: ‘Rub with Love Wild Salmon, shitake relish, cornbread pudding;’ and, dessert ‘Tom’s World Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie.’”

Setting aside the love salmon, Washington Wire would like to elucidate readers on Cougar Gold. It is a white, sharp cheddar cheese produced exclusively by the Washington State University Creamery in Pullman, Wash.
As always, the real gold is in the comments. Step up, Bill C. from Westchester: "Actually, sampling Cougar Gold means accepting campaign funds from hot, horny, middle aged women. Try it, you will like it."

And don't miss the cream pie. Delicious.

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