TLP: Just Think What John Gotti Could Have Done With BBM

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 , , , 0 Comments

prison cell phone ban
What happened to the good old days when inmates conducted their "business" in the visitors room, with a knowing nod through the glass or mumbled code words over the intercom?

CNN Political Ticker:
Hoping to stop federal inmates from directing crimes from behind bars, President Barack Obama signed into law Tuesday a prohibition on cell phone use by prisoners.

The law prohibits the use or possession of mobile phones and wireless devices, and calls for up to a year in prison for anyone found guilty of trying to smuggle one to an inmate.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons confiscated more than 2,600 cell phones from minimum security facilities and nearly 600 from secure federal institutions last year.
Of course, just making it illegal won't stop the problem. These people are in prison, after all.

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