TLP: Really, Really F#*&ing Brilliant

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fcc airwaves
As if they're not everywhere already.

Technology and telecommunications companies could soon get access to unused TV airwaves, allowing them to introduce new wireless gadgets and services, under rules that Federal Communications Commission officials are close to putting into final form.

Some of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's top aides have met with broadcasters and other interested parties in recent weeks to discuss the remaining obstacles to freeing up the vacant spectrum between television channels, known in the industry as "white spaces." The issue could come to a vote as soon as the agency's September meeting. Mr. Genachowski said earlier this year that he wanted the matter resolved by the end of September.

An FCC spokeswoman declined to comment. ...

Microsoft and other high-tech companies want to use the vacant TV airwaves because signals sent on that band of spectrum can travel long distances and move through buildings, which would allow companies to build wireless Internet networks that are stronger than current Wi-Fi hot spots.

The vacant TV airwaves "represent a unique opportunity to spark next-generation broadband networks across the country," said Rick Whitt, Google's telecom and media counsel. "We're very eager for the commission to give the green light to start innovating and building new services on these airwaves."

The FCC agreed almost two years ago to allow these "white space" airwaves to be used for wireless communication services. But the effort stalled as companies waited for regulators to clear up some technical issues and broadcasters sued.
Just remember to watch your mouth.

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