TLP: There Are Much Better Reasons to Go to Washington

king stone
Trying to upstage a preacher rarely works. Especially in his own pulpit. Oh, well. MLK had a dream. So fine, it's OK that Glenn Beck could act out his wet one.

AP via The Huffington Post:
Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party champion Sarah Palin appealed Saturday to a vast, predominantly white crowd on the National Mall to help restore traditional American values and honor Martin Luther King's message. Civil rights leaders who accused the group of hijacking King's legacy held their own rally and march.

While Beck billed his event as nonpolitical, conservative activists said their show of strength was a clear sign that they can swing elections because much of the country is angry with what many voters call an out-of-touch Washington.

Palin told the tens of thousands who stretched from the marble steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the grass of the Washington Monument that calls to transform the country weren't enough. "We must restore America and restore her honor," said the former Alaska governor, echoing the name of the rally, "Restoring Honor."

Palin, the GOP vice presidential nominee in 2008 and a potential White House contender in 2012, and Beck repeatedly cited King and made references to the Founding Fathers. Beck put a heavy religious cast on nearly all his remarks, sounding at times like an evangelical preacher.

"Something beyond imagination is happening," he said. "America today begins to turn back to God."
I never heard from Rev. Glenn or Sister Sarah exactly when America turned away from God or lost its honor. Eh, details. Dream on.

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Anonymous said...

Ok Conservative wackos… you had your Washington, DC Rally… You’ve proclaimed that Glenn Beck is the new JESUS, you’ve been told how to act and who to vote for. I just have one question… NOW WHAT? Glenn Christ wants you to vote for Republicans, right? Tell me honestly, how’d that work out for you in the past?

You’re the same morons who fell for Reaganomics… the same degenerates that gave power to K-St Ho’s such as Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich and Phil Gramm… You people are so far gone, you thought voting for George W. Bush was the smart thing to do… WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU numbskulls RESTORING?

But you want Democrats/Progressives to believe if only Conservatism had one more chance it can work? The very definition of insanity, isn’t IT? Over and over AGAIN! Just separate yourselves from the Bush/Cheney DISASTER… bull$#!~ MISINFORMED people into believing they’re part of a NEW Conservative Movement. In reality right wing imbeciles never learned the new boss is same as the old boss…

In OTHER WORDS Republican Party talking points are based on the ignorance of their constituents. They revise history and LIE because they CAN… because morons who vote for Republicans DON’T KNOW THEIR OWN HISTORY! This ain’t NO Tea Party… it’s a damn CLASS WAR! And there are only a few sane, moderate Republicans left on the American scene.

America has always been plagued by a small percentage of Americans who really are too stupid or brainwashed to VOTE! We saw 1000’s of them at the Glenn Beck Rally in Washington, DC. A crowd filled with the most shameless, hypocritical, cowards ever to plaque humanity. Human beings corrupted by severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions. These are the useful tools who want to give power back to the Republican Party.

They want MORE of Republican waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, special interest pandering, union busting, reckless economics, welfare for the rich, deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions…. The WORST looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND!

Where was the Tea Party anger THEN? Ya #*~/’n ignorant hypocrites. I for one will NOT allow this great nation to be destroyed by a bunch of Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin groupies.

NOTE: Go to read about Roger Ailes of FOX News. His children hate his Conservative views, he wants to be accepted by the so-called Hollywood elites, he married a Progressive woman.

W.C. Varones said...

Glenn Beck is cheesy, but this kind of snide condescension from the Ruling Class Media is only going to help Beck.

Can you imagine them ever writing about a leftist movement in this tone?

W.C. Varones said...

To illustrate, here's the lead paragraph you'll never see in the partisan media:

Liberal commentator [x] appealed Saturday to a mostly [white/black/union/illegal alien/socialist/etc.] crowd [...] Constitutionalist leaders who accused the group of [y] held their own rally and march.

That kinda puts the lie to MSM obectivity, huh?

Anonymous: Your question to the "numbskulls" is what I can't figure out. "Restoring Honor?" ... what happened to it? Come on, Tea Party, just say it. You know you want to.

WCV: That's an AP lede, the one news organization least likely to skew its coverage toward the partisan. Really. Read it over again and find an error or a slant. Is Beck not conservative, was the crowd not mostly white, were the opponents not civil rights leaders? Sure, it was a cheesy spectacle and probably fun to cover, but this account doesn't strike me as condescending.

W.C. Varones said...


That's the point. It's all about what's emphasized and what's omitted.

Find me a comparable first paragraph about any huge left-leaning rally, where the Ruling Class Media points out 1) the liberalism of the leaders, 2) the homogeneity of the crowd, and 3) what "critics say" about the group all in the first paragraph.

For more fun, check out Washington Examiner's ripping of the NYT's hackery.

elf2006real said...

Well, hmmm. He's a bit melodramatic, but he's seldom wrong on substance.

It's not MLK's pulpit JDA. It's the Lincoln Memorial. And hence the peoples "pulpit" if you will.

If someone thinks this is somehow out of the American character, please pick up a book on American History written prior to Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States". Or Google "The Great Revival" circa 1730s.

Or you can consider that the Abolitionists, Prohibitionists/Suffragettes, and the Actual Civil Rights Movement that accomplished the 1964 Civil Rights Act were all also Christian Movements.

This is a very American phenomenon. And Healthy. We've finally got the involved citizenry essential to our enterprise in self governance.

Anon - if you think Conservatism is wacko look out - that's 39% of the Country, while Liberalism is only about 19%. Independents about 35-37%. That's Gallup going back decades, the points fluctuate 1-3 points over time, but it's pretty consistent.

Progressives poll at about 6%.

Who's the fringe?

Reagan got us out of a deep decade long stagflation/recession. He also restored sound money - which was key.

After he left is when they opened the spigots, we had a nice run of Clintonomic's, Rubinomics, and Bush continued it. But you can't really blame Reagan for the crash.

Relax. They're Christians, not Cannibals. Please don't be so afraid.

Jesus. Get out of the urban enclaves and see the dreaded flyover country will ya? They don't rape and eat the company, really. That movie was about Summer Camp (Deliverance).

And I know this will break some hearts - but there aren't any Vampires out there either. I'm sorry Girls.

elf2006real said...

And to the eternal race issue. If most of the country is White, a representative protest might just be mostly White.

As to Al Sharpton being a Civil Rights Leader: he's not the World's worst villain, but he is a con man with innocent blood on his hands.

MLK didn't incite a Anti-Jewish race riot that burned down a Dept Store and killed people.

WCV - I will keep an eye out for a story like that and we can continue this discourse then, if you like. I will say, though, that the fact that there was criticism of the rally (date and place, coincidental or not) does rate a mention in the lede. Capitol steps, Washington Monument, the Ellipse ... no. But here, it's valid. And I appreciate the link to the Examiner, but, sorry, I can't consider that news.

Elf - Let JDA off the hook for this one. It's mine. (And I'm not a girl.) And I'd make the same point about the "pulpit" that I did for MLK for Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate. It belongs to the people of Berlin, but Reagan owns it because of what he said there.

W.C. Varones said...

Come on, TLP.

There's systemic leftist bias in the media. The vast majority of journalists and editors vote Democratic. They donated 88%-12% in favor of Dems in the last cycle. There have been academic studies from UCLA and others showing widespread bias. Then there's the old "Name that party" syndrome where the word "Republican" always features prominently in wrongdoing by Republicans, but the word "Democrat" is either omitted or buried far further down when it's Democrat wrongdoing. Then there's how conservative/libertarian think tanks (Cato, Heritage, Manhattan Institute, etc.) are almost always labeled as such but liberal think tanks (Brookings, Center for American Progress are often "non-partisan" or not labeled at all.

I understand that, coming from a liberal perspective, you might not be inclined to notice this bias. But once you've been alerted to it, I can't see how you can continue to deny it.

And I'm not asking you to consider the Examiner piece news. It's opinion, but it shreds the farce of NYT objectivity. Take on the substance of the argument rather than dismissing it because you don't like the source.

I agree the labeling can be selective, but I can't agree that it's orchestrated and systemic. No matter what NewsBusters says, sorry. These are people. People come at issues from their own perspectives and a lot of the journalists I know are cynical and questioning and most often looking for hypocrisy and bullshit, no matter who it comes from. As far as labeling goes, a lot is in the ear of the beholder, and your use of "Democrat wrongdoing" (rather than "Democratic") would be called out in the same way by your opposite number. The GOP knows that it riles the Dems and uses it for that very reason.

I wouldn't put too much stock in studies about political giving by reporters. I'm guessing that's a fairly small sample since most newsrooms ban that sort of thing. If we go into the political support and leaning of media owners, we're in a whole new discussion. Richard Mellon Scaife, anyone? ClearChannel?

W.C. Varones said...

I'm not saying it's orchestrated (though at times it is -- Journolist!), just that as you say, people come from their own perspectives. And when an overwhelming majority comes from a left/liberal perspective, that biases the coverage. Yeah, I know you all want to think of yourselves as "independent," but be honest -- what's your lifetime ratio of votes for liberals/Democrats vs. conservatives/Republicans? Survey any major news organization (other than the obvious conservative outlets like Fox), and you'll find an overwhelming Democratic majority.

Pretending that this overwhelming personal bias doesn't show up in news coverage is a fantasy.

*munches popcorn in her "Reagan for President" t-shirt*

And WTF Anonymous? I don't think anyone here voted for George W. Bush. If I recall correctly, I wrote in my mother in 2000 and Bruce Campbell in 2004.

Glenn Beck is as much a hack as any other talking head, you don't get to that point in your career if you don't know how to play the game. Those of us who refuse to buy in to the propaganda machine are relegated to running fringe blogs hoping someone - anyone - will put down the fucking remote and listen.

Disclaimer: my opinion is completely biased by my personal experiences, desires, wishes, whims and whichever way the wind is blowing through San Francisco on any particular day.

W.C. Varones said...

Progressives are great lays, though, eh, JDA?

I have absolutely no knowledge of anything remotely like what you just described, WCV. *cough*

*sips the week's last beer and has nothing to contribute*