TLP: White House Stiffs Press Pool On Topless Photo Op

Monday, August 16, 2010 , , 0 Comments

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Maybe they'll feel better if they talk to someone.

News photographers who cover the White House were not amused to be kept waiting in a hotel while President Obama took a Gulf swim. They should have seen it coming.

The last time the news media snapped pictures of a shirtless President Obama, tabloids, blogs and gossip magazines were agog.

“Pec-tacular,” exclaimed one photo Web site. “Fit for Office,” declared The New York Post.

The White House press office has made sure that won’t happen again. On a trip to Florida over the weekend, the president’s staff kept photographers at bay while he took a dip in waters off Panama City Beach.

The only photographer on hand to document the presidential swim was a member of the White House staff. The photographers who made the trip to Florida with the president — unaware that he was going to go in the water — were led into a hotel by the White House staff and remained there for about three hours while Mr. Obama swam.

The White House later released one picture of the president, who was seen from the shoulders up playing in the water with his daughter Sasha.

No bare-chested shots this time.
The White House press corps famously grumbles about managed coverage. But, really, what could they expect? The days leading up to the Gulf visit were filled with speculation about an Obama swim and, disturbingly, about the prospect of partial presidential nudity.

Both sides got what they wanted anyway. For the White House, it was a chance to show Obama unafraid to frolic in formerly tarball-infested waters. And for the media, of course, it was an opportunity to dig out those topless shots and show them off all over again.

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