Trichet's Got a Charity Case On His Hands With Iceland EU Talks

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 , , 0 Comments

Hey! Maybe we should ask our friend Frederic Mishkin his thoughts on Iceland joining the EU! Freddie, I'll give you $5 to tell them they blow and you won't even have to disclose it (call it a gift under $20, buddy, no one will ever know).


Iceland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs says he is emphasising in Iceland’s EU accession talks that the Icelandic krona must be propped up by the European Central Bank immediately after Icelandic membership of the European Union and until Iceland adopts the euro, if and when that happens. The minister added that accession talks are likely to take longer than optimists had hoped.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ossur Skarphedinsson told that he believes direct negotiations over agriculture could begin by next Easter and direct fisheries negotiations as early as next autumn. These are the two areas of negotiation everybody agrees will be the hardest.

So wait a minute, how exactly does this help the EU? Free reindeer pelts if they let them in? Yearly Bjork concerts for Sarkozy and his peeps?

Feels like a lose-lose to me but don't ask me, no one paid me $124,000 to opine on this one.

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