When the Media Bumbles Really Easy Accounting Headlines...

Thursday, August 19, 2010 , , 1 Comments

 "Christ" is right, someone get the accountant...

I'm not angry or anything.
When Going Concern first launched a year ago, I know we heard more than a few chortles from the audience at the very idea of an accounting news site (or tabloid, depending on who you ask) because, really, how interesting can accounting be? Of course we’ve since learned that cube-dwellers, financial professionals, college kids and accounting enthusiasts are totally into what we do because no one was doing it before and someone had to.

It’s easy to forget that we’re not only utilizing this avenue to rip on obvious boneheads who try to manipulate our precious accounting (we’re talking to you, Patrick Byrne) and make fun of idiot celebrities who don’t pay their taxes but also to bring an accounting awareness to the world at large. It’s not all number-crunching and despite the stereotypes that we ourselves perpetuate, we’re also providing a service by making the obscure world of accounting digestible to non-accountants.

Which is pretty much the entire reason why other media outlets need to back off and leave the really super complicated reporting to us if they’re going to get into things they don’t understand.

Case in point, American Apparel.
You have to go to Going Concern to see the boneheaded headlines that some copy editor is getting yelled at about right now.

And p.s. to Patrick Byrne, I actually don't care what you do anymore, I figure if I really believe in the market, I have to believe that if you're doing wrong it will sort you out. You seem to be pulling it off so it must be totally legit. I just used your name because you're a popular search term, you should be flattered and not offended. I respect your tactics, even if I do question them.

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