Wyclef For President! (?)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010 , , 1 Comments

Is Wyclef gunning for a position as president of Haiti? Stranger things have happened (see also: Bernanke's 2nd term). He's definitely serious.

The Miami Herald:

Speculation mounted Tuesday that Haitian singer Wyclef Jean will officially announce his candidacy Thursday for president of the Western Hemisphere's most embattled country.

CNN announced that Jean, who was born in Haiti but has lived much of his life in the United States, will appear Thursday night on Larry King Live to discuss his plans. The Associated Press quoted former legislator Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques as saying that the hip-hop superstar will run as part of Jean-Jacques' ``together we are strong'' coalition.

No offense, Wyclef but Obama had the best presidential campaign of all time!

Good thing they don't speak too much English over there or the Haitians might take issue with their future president releasing a track called "If I Was President"... Were, homie, If I were...

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