Announcing a New Home For Going Concern!

Thursday, September 16, 2010 , 4 Comments

I can't speak for my dear editor but I am thrilled to announce the acquisition of my "other" website, Going Concern, by industry leader AccountingWEB. JDA is a long-time fan of what they do over there and can't wait to see what we can do together going forward.

We're looking forward to bringing all the snark we've got to the table and continuing to shake up the industry one cube-dweller at a time. Look out, accounting, we're coming for dat ass.


Westerville, OH (September 15th, 2010) - AccountingWEB, the leading online media company for accountants, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Going Concern ( Going Concern is an online tabloid covering the worlds of accounting and business finance. Going Concern was acquired from Breaking Media for an undisclosed amount.

Going Concern provides original news and insider analysis of the culture, people, and firms that shape the accounting industry. AccountingWEB Publisher Rob Nance commented, "Going Concern has carved out a unique and substantial niche in the online world focused on accounting. We were drawn to the edgy nature and the opinionated blog feel of the site." Going Concern has reached more than one million visits and over three million page views since its launch in July 2009.

Going Concern pushes the envelope with an entertaining spin on all things accounting and finance, while AccountingWEB is positioned as a news and resource outlet. This audience focus will allow AccountingWEB to maintain its niche of serving small-firm CPAs and related independent professionals, while Going Concern will continue to draw readers who trend younger and are getting their feet wet in larger firms. Combined, both sites will now reach all major age, title, and experience demographics in the accounting industry with almost 250,000 unique site users per month and growing.

AccountingWEB's titles include: AccountingWEB (, US Business Forums (, and Going Concern (

About AccountingWEB

Launched in 1999, AccountingWEB is a U.S.-based Web site and e-newsletter service with over 170,000 CPAs, accountants, CFOs, CEOs, and technology consultants throughout the United States signed on as free opt-in members. Primarily serving the CPAs and accountants of small and medium-sized accounting firms, AccountingWEB has developed a solid reputation in the accounting news industry.

The parent company of AccountingWEB, Sift Ltd., is headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom. The combination of international resources allows AccountingWEB and AccountingWEB UK to reach over 450,000 accountants and financial personnel worldwide.

Geniuses that they are, AccountingWEB insists that we keep up the same uncompromising journalistic integrity that has been a hallmark of Going Concern since we began last July. Oh wait, did I say integrity? I meant inflammatory nonsense.

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DailyBail said...

color me you write for going concern...i thought breaking media owned that site...

do you work for breaking media...

I've been writing for Going Concern since August of 2009 (I do a twice-weekly CPA exam "advice" column and then do two other posts a week, usually social media or regulation stuff) and you are correct that they used to be owned by Breaking Media but are now property of AccountingWEB, with me coming with.

I never worked for Breaking Media, was just a columnist for GC.

DailyBail said...

that makes sense...i did a cursory glance at GC before asking the question but i didn't see you does that mean you contribute to all the other sites listed in your section called "need more JDA?"...

send me your email so i can ask you some other questions privately...thx...

and this just in: bernanke is still a QE dollar-destroying dick...