Autistic FOXNews-Watching Magic Jack-Using Tenderloin Nutjob Pleads Guilty to Harassing Nancy Pelosi

Thursday, September 16, 2010 , , , , 2 Comments

OK really, since when does anyone in the Tenderloin watch FOXNews?!

SF Gate:

A San Francisco man tearfully pleaded guilty Thursday to making a telephone threat to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her support of federal health care legislation and agreed to spend a year and nine months in prison.

In pleading to a single felony charge of impeding or retaliating against a member of Congress, Gregory Lee Giusti, 49, admitted making more than 30 phone calls to Pelosi's homes in Washington, D.C., and St. Helena between Feb. 6 and March 25.

In one March 25 call, his plea agreement said, he told the San Francisco Democrat that if she voted for the legislation to provide government-subsidized health coverage to the uninsured, she "would not have a home to come home to."

"I made those calls because I was upset about her passing the health care bill," Giusti told U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White in San Francisco.


Giusti has been in jail since April 8, when officers arrested him at his Tenderloin apartment after tracing the calls he had made from his computer.

Some sources blame FOXNews and the Magic Jack for Giusti's behavior (and by "some sources" I mean the perp's mom). I blame the magnetic field in this town and Pelosi's own bullshit.

But what's the lesson here, kids? Threats will only get you a cool orange uniform, a boyfriend named Bruno and a sore asshole. Play nice out there.

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chairmanben said...

Talking the Tenderloin here, JDA.

You must be regressing to fly over country values.

"A cool orange uniform, a boyfriend named Bruno and a sore asshole."

The experience would be cheaper than booking a night out at the dungeon to play.

W.C. Varones said...

Rupert Murdoch and Jeff Immelt have a billion-dollar bet. Whose network can drive the most mentally unstable people to commit crimes?

So far, it's tied, 1-1.