The Best Way To Show You Hate People Is To Throw Money At Them, Ask This Sick Freak

Thursday, September 02, 2010 1 Comments


If you haven't heard, some weird shit went down at Discovery Channel HQ involving a eugenicist who totally read way too much in to An Inconvenient Truth. Though we really have no idea what James Lee what thinking, we can't let this one go without saying Kate Plus 8 is a monstrosity of excess and should be immediately taken off the air. Of course we're cool with those overpopulating freaks The Duggars because let's face it, 7 out of those 19 kids are going to end up pretty damn entertaining when they hit the dysfunction circuit in a few years and let all of us watch on reality TV. And regardless of our feelings on the matter, flipping out isn't the way to get the point across.

Here's an outtake from Lee's wacky life. That's apparently him tossing cash around... for baby formula and Pampers?

Jr Deputy Accountant

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