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Thursday, September 09, 2010 , , , 2 Comments

Reminder: DO NOT STORE PORN ON COMPANY PP&E. Again: PLEASE DO NOT STORE PORN ON COMPANY PP&E. Also, if you're using your own PP&E DO NOT VIEW PORN ON COMPANY TIME. Christ, can't you people wait until you get home like normal folks? No wonder none of you have a fucking job, maybe it isn't all Greenspan's fault after all!

NY Daily News:
A cleavage-crazed criminal court judge - who fathered a son with a young Legal Aid lawyer - quit after officials found a massive porn stash on his work computer, sources said Thursday.

Disgraced Manhattan jurist James Gibbons, a whip-smart ex-prosecutor who once convicted rapists and killers, fired off a terse resignation letter last week after the nasty cache was uncovered.

"There was a lot of porn on his computer - all young women," an investigator told the Daily News. "Lots of crotch and cleavage shots."

Cleavage-crazed bwhahahaha, awesome. What an amateur, I'm sure Gibbons would be surprised to learn that one can store an impressive number of photographic (and even video) images using a simple BlackBerry and an 8 Gb memory card if having questionable content at his fingertips all hours of the day is that critical. I'm just sayin.

Just curious, what qualifies as "a massive porn collection"? 

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"questionable" content?

talk to me, pretty sure i have the answer ...

chairmanben said...

JDA's given me an idea to keep the new $1000 notes STIFF.

Instead of Ben Franklin or the Dead Presidents the Mint can print bobbies and VJ shots on the new dollar bills.

No counterfeit water mark, I'll infuse the notes with Viagra.

Banksters innovate too!