The Homeless Problem: Gavin Newsom's WIP

I don't have official numbers but if I had to say knowing how it was here in the good ole Willie Days I'd say Gavin deserves some credit for cleaning up the homeless problem. I'll give him that but with a condition.

If you've ever watched Hoarders: Buried Alive, you know that the problem is dismantled in stages. By the time the "professional organizers" leave, sometimes only two or three rooms are clean with trash left in the yard, three more rooms packed with garbage and dead cats stuck to the floor. How did you not know it was this bad? you hear the family members say as they're helping shovel catbits off the floor. I would say that's the best analogy I can come up with when it comes to the San Francisco homeless problem.

Work in progress.

SF Gate:

A stroll through the Civic Center or the Tenderloin or, well, any number of neighborhoods in San Francisco may tell a different story, but Mayor Gavin Newsom Wednesday said his administration has moved 12,000 homeless people off the streets since he took office in 2004.

He referred to his predecessor, Willie Brown, and his famous claim that homelessness in San Francisco could never be solved.

"It can be solved for the people in the city," Newsom said.

Hey I'm still waiting for La Raza to come bitch me out for whining about this issue, any progress on that? 5 weeks and counting down til I'm out.

Good luck with solving that, Gavin.

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