If You Would Like to Know Who to Blame When the Easy Money Train Derails, Click Here

Reuters has been kind enough to take my last two years of bitching about Fedheads and Fed easy money whores and condense their views into a simple fact sheet divided as follows:

  • Centrists: Governors Warsh and Duke, Cleveland Fed President Pianalto, Atlanta Fed President Lockhart, and St Louis Fed President Bullard
  •  Doves: New York Fed President Dudley, San Francisco Fed President and soon-to-be Fed Vice Chair if Congress ever gets off its ass to confirm her Yellen, Boston Fed President Rosengren, Chicago Fed President Evans and Governor Tarullo
  •  Hawks: Minneapolis Fed President Kocherlakota, Philadelphia Fed President Plosser, Richmond Fed President Lacker, Kansas City Fed President Hoenig and Dallas Fed President Fisher

Now I don't have to remind dear reader that my personal Fed favorites are on that last part of the list and for good reason as they're the ones who have their heads removed enough from their asses to understand that further easing isn't going to do us any good since we're about as easy as we can be and have been since December of 2008. The hawks may not agree amongst themselves but at least they have the sense to say enough is enough, obviously the free money isn't working so more can only do harm.

I dispute Reuters' decision to throw Bullard in with the centrists as he tends to cover the Fed's ass and promote free money for everyone, which is most certainly not a neutral opinion on the matter if you ask me.

I recommend you check out the list and write this info down somewhere so we know exactly who to blame when the shit really hits the fan. Here is a hint: it won't be Plosser, Lacker, Hoenig or Fisher. Kocherlakota I'm still not too sure about but so far so good.

Next year's FOMC should be interesting as Chicago Fed's Evans is going to have to jump into a pit of rabid inflation hawks to get anything done with Fisher, Plosser and Kocherlakota voting next year. Of course we all know the tone is set by Fed Bitch #1 (Bernanke) and Fed Bitch #2 (Yellen... soon) with Fed Bitch #3 (Dudley) coming in a distant third. So maybe none of it matters and we're doomed no matter how many hawks we have with some pull over there.

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the stuffed eagle in my office. does't it made me a hawk.

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#2 Confirmed... We're all saved!

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