Is SFMTA's Nat Ford Up To Head The DC Metro System?

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Look out, DC, you're about to meet the most well-paid asshat in San Francisco politics. Nathanial Ford runs the worst but most convenient transit system in the country and has effectively run Muni into the ground but still brings home the highest salary of all SF public servants. Cute, ain't it?

DC's WTOP radio:
While Metro continues to search for a permanent general manager, the head of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is one potential candidate for the top job, WTOP has learned.

Nathaniel "Nat" Ford, executive director and chief executive officer of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, commonly called MUNI), is on the list of those applying for the postition.
Yesterday, Ford acknowledged that the latest "State of Muni" report shows increased disatisfaction among Muni riders when it comes to quality of service, while he hopes new boneheaded initiatives like SFPark will help close SFMTA's budget gap. As a car driver turned Muni rider turned car driver again, JDA can testify that service is in the toilet and SFMTA is trying to make up their budget issues by ticketing SF drivers to death. I've gotten 11 tickets since returning to the wonderful world of car ownership in April of this year and paid something around $800 dollars to the city, lest my registration be suspended by the Parking Gestapo for refusing to pay their curb protection money.

That is Nat Ford's genius plan. Is that what he could bring to the DC Metro? So sad, I actually like the Metro.

SF Appeal:
The survey showed that 52 percent of customers rate Muni service as excellent or good, down from 55 percent when the survey was last taken in 2007.

"I would've liked it to be much higher," Ford said, but with a major service change and two fare increases in the past three years, "It could've been worse."

During his presentation of the report to the board, Ford said that with local sales tax revenues in decline and other sources of SFMTA revenue susceptible to market fluctuations, "We need to seek out more stable funding sources."

He cited ideas such as congestion pricing and variable parking prices in more parts of the city as ways to add revenue.

"Without these, we will not be able to close critical funding gaps" to pay for projects such as the Central Subway Project, he said. The Muni extension is slated to open in 2018.

Each of the board directors addressed the report and expressed how they would like to see Muni service improved.
What's with SFers bailing and heading to DC? First Janet Yellen, then yours truly and now possibly Nat Ford? Ugh. Why can't I take anyone I actually like with me?

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