Obviously Chris Dodd Didn't Realize He Was Referring To Himself At The Time

Everyone's favorite douchebag Dem is at it again and this time it appears as though he's trying to validate his argument using threats that he himself swore his own legislation would make impossible should anyone with a political agenda care to dismantle his carefully-laid plans. No kidding. Did Dodd try to Dodd-proof his own bill and fail?

Apparently Chris Dodd is a little butthurt about the idea of an Elizabeth Warren-led consumer protection bureau, as he well should be. Who exactly do you think she would be there to protect the consumer from? Scandalous pricks like Dodd who think backdoor deals are notches in the belt of a good political career. What scares him? Warren doing more than terrorizing small financial institutions like a good little consumer protection bitch would? Surely he's smart enough to wipe his own bloody footprints off the floor before slinking off, why is he so afraid of this suggestion and why wasn't he smart enough to write his fucking bill so it couldn't?

The CFPB, however, is designed to get its funding stream from the Federal Reserve, not Congress. During the Wall Street reform debate, Dodd argued that funding from the Fed would protect the CFPB from Congressional efforts to defund it. On Tuesday, however, Dodd said that the funding stream could be altered and then killed. "They can change the funding source and kill it," said Dodd. "That can change with an amendment."
Damnit! Foiled again by reason and the Federal Reserve. Fuck!

Dodd and Republican Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins have expressed concern with a Warren nomination, claiming she could somehow hurt the new agency's credibility. Are you people out of your fucking minds? Stop drinking the DC water and/or teabagging so many banker balls, it's obviously rotting your brains.

Last I checked, Tim Geithner was still in charge of the Treasury and that agency has been around since 1789 so don't come at us with this bullshit about credibility, obviously that is not a prerequisite nor ongoing requirement or we'd be short half a Congress and countless Obama appointees, especially Timmy the Tax Cheat. For once, Obama could actually be getting this one right and I don't say that because I actually believe Elizabeth Warren to be the most qualified individual for the position, I say that because if the rats are scattering (see above), you know that the ship's new cat is about to tear their asses up and they know it.

It looks like Chris Dodd has outclevered himself this time and frankly I couldn't be happier to see this day. Instead of leaving quietly and skittering off to get fat on the ranch like some equally not-so-slick bonehead politicians we know, he's getting short and shitty about Elizabeth Warren. Please, engineering Frankendodd was the stunt to beat all stunts of his illustrious career, let it go already and GTFO. Dodd put together all sorts of awful shit into the bill, you're telling me he didn't have the half a brain required to write in a bit about getting the right goon in his newly-created, hidden-inside-the-Fed monster called consumer protection?

No really, please.

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