Only when you move do you realize you have way too much sh*t

Various times in my life I've hoarded my fair share of crap, a good portion of it retail. I take advantage of San Francisco's give and take "recycling" program through Craigslist; I just unloaded Alice In Chains and U2 VHS tapes that I hadn't watched in 15 years for free to some guy who was actually on his way towards my neighborhood in a Zipcar he just rented and got my LCD TV for $80 from some hipster girl in the Tenderloin trying to downsize the amount of shit she'd take with her when she moved to LA. Funny, it's going to fit perfectly in my car when I move.

It's quite easy to find useful things and get rid of things that are no longer useful to you (sometimes for cash but sometimes you have to suck it up and try "free", it works if you don't want to pay hauling fees for certain items like furniture because there's always some broke person willing to take it off your hands and out of your house). Especially if you're trying to recover at least some part of that credit card bill you still have thanks to some of it.

Anyway, I highly encourage a regularly-scheduled purge of crap you don't use to realize how retail has crippled your shelves with shit you don't need. Now I'm having to do it so I don't end up with more than I actually need in a new place and it would be a lot easier if I did it more often and had less shit. It doesn't make sense to lug a shoebox full of scrapbooking shit (I know. Me, scrapbooking) across the country when I can unload it AND make $20 on Craigslist. This makes sense.

It's really the only way to cash in on the Greenspan bubble. It fucked you two years ago and for some of you is still fucking you now but you have all sorts of somewhat useful remnants of it lying around your house that someone wants. There is a free market somewhere and it's far more profitable than taking the tax deduction for dumping bags of it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Save them for whatever you can't unload in a yard sale or Craigslist.

It's just crap. TPTB are trying to push more of it on us now even though we're still paying for the crap from before. Though they would like you to believe otherwise, the economy of people crossing town to pick up shit from each other for 1/2 or 1/3rd less than retail is quite effective for putting money into the broader economy. Retail, of course, is a better bargain for TPTB because they are better able to keep you tied to debt where credit cards are accepted, even pimped, and proceed off the taxes it generates. They can track it, whereas Craigslist is an economic black hole for TPTB and they have no fucking idea how many dollars are flowing through it. Hell, they can track retail and they still don't know how much money there actually is. Sad.

See what retail does to us!

Remember: Craigslist is not a fucking garage sale:

Nothing fails to piss people off more than arriving to a location and expecting to see an almost new, only used in the guest room, still in the plastic queen mattress and box spring set that really looks like it started its life in a hotel room in 1962, then entered the porno industry where it was used everyday till the mid 90's where well known mobster Joey "bago donuts" Spilottro picked it up as a conversation piece, was subsequently shot 12 times with a 12 gauge shotgun while laying on it, was thrown away by the crime lab once the case was closed, and picked up by some fuckstick like you. New means new as in I could take it back to the store and at least get a god damn store credit for it, not fucking new to YOU.

There's gas to consider but for the most part it's worth it to purge your own crap and pick up someone else's if it's good condition. The best is "hardly used" or "practically new" that actually ends up that way and remember, there is a such thing as Craigslist karma: if you list shit that isn't as practically new as you disclose, don't be surprised if you pay $200 for a TV that's equally practically new and goes out on you a month later.

No flakes, please.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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chairmanben said...

Just in case you've a collection of counterfeit Federal Reserve swag you can't bare to let go. Best deal I found for moving is ABF relo cubes.

Save money, pack your own sh*t, Take it to the ABF terminal in San Jose in your own vehicle. ABF moves the relo cube after 3 days. Pick up from the ABF terminal on the east coast.

ABF is flexible, can even leave relo cube in storage until you're ready to unpack.

BTW - Undo shedding all that sh*t and save my ass. Buy a foreclosed McMansion back east, and stuff it full of Retail. I'll help by printing the $$$$$$

Good luck on the move. In case you need to advertise a Asian porno collection in the Adult section on Craigs

Obviously you don't know me, CB, I'm more into gay porn than Asian snuff films.

chairmanben said...

Darn I'd taken you as an Dominatrix and S&M fan. You know you so want to cane ChairmanBen. (HE no KY Jelly!)

Anonymous said...


oh, that gave me a chuckle. OMG, scrapbooking.... JDA scrapbooking.... really? Then I remembered... squishy girl.... I'm sorry; I'll stop. Whatever blows your skirt up, JDA.