Pension Entitlement Virus Strikes More Than 2 Million Protesters in France

Ahhh the sense of entitlement is stunning, isn't it? What is a public union anyway? It's a group organized by the people against the people, even though the people are the ones paying for the other people's entitlements. Perhaps if pension accounting weren't so fucked in the first place we wouldn't have such a sense of entitlement to funds that probably don't actually exist.

Oh well.

I hope these idiots know they are protesting their own well-being as stuffed pensions only hurt the taxpayer. But don't tell them that.

Via Channel 4:
Unions in France say more than two million people have joined a series of nationwide protests against plans to increase the retirement age - but many believe the strikes will not change anything, as Lindsey Hilsum discovers.

The 24-hour walk-out has caused chaos for rail and air passengers, schools, hospitals and the postal service. Flights in and out of Paris have been hit by 25 per cent, half of rail and underground services were cancelled.

Union leaders said more people turned out than the previous protest in June, when two million people turned out on the streets.

It was biggest series of demonstrations since President Nicolas Sarkozy came to power in 2007. Dozens of rallies have already been taking place in many cities across France.

International Editor Lindsey Hilsum said: "In Marseilles they beat drums and chanted...In Lyon they turned out despite the rain...In Poitiers they protested with vuvuzelas, left over from France's ignominious exit from the World Cup. And in Quimper, striking farmworkers even got a cow onto the streets."

Protest all you want, Sarkozy isn't budging and can't. I haven't looked deeply enough into France's pension problem to comment but I'm going to guess that it's so thoroughly messed up that they're lucky he only went with 62 and not 70.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday refused to drop plans to raise the retirement age to 62 from 60 years old, despite protests and nationwide strikes against a pension overhaul.

The pension overhaul was "crucial," he said, according to the text of his speech during a cabinet meeting. Mr. Sarkozy said he understood the plan could raise concerns and that he was "attentive" to protesters' worries.

Raising the retirement age to 62 by 2018 was unavoidable because France's pension-plan deficit needs to be financed, Mr. Sarkozy said. He stressed that he had refused other solutions to fund the deficit, such as increasing taxes or cutting pension payments.

We forget, of course, that pensions are like insurance and not a piggy bank stuffed with bills. The money has to come from somewhere and if left unattended or otherwise poorly managed, all you have left is an IOU. But why does anyone owe you anything in the end?

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