Playing Whack-a-Mole With Extremist Bloggers?

I know of at least a dozen people (if not several hundred) who would totally compare my loud and constantly appearing opinion to having to beat electronic moles with comical mallets so it might not be that far off but really? SHIT HIT THE BUNKER there are thousands of "radical" websites talking shit about what the assholes are doing WE MUST STOP IT!!!

Sorry but there are 9 moles and one comical mallet, motherfucker, we win.

A researcher at the London-based International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation told the BBC that the number of radical websites was now far higher than the figure given by Interpol.

"It's well into the thousands in English alone," said Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens.

He added that governments had found the increase in radical websites impossible to stop.

"As soon as you knock out one, another pops up. It's like playing 'whack-a-mole'."
How do we define "radical" or "extremist"? I could name at least three Fed banks that can't stand me and guarantee "extremist" would be on the kind end of descriptors for this site you're reading now if you asked them.

Oh sorry, I intentionally left out a small detail. The clip above leaves out the reference to using extremist websites to recruit terrorist group operatives ... could you tell? Throw Al-Qaeda in there and all the sudden the sheep rise up and end up letting terror win once again by potentially limiting their own personal freedom. Don't let the terrorists make blogs! It's a genius move on the part of TPTB, sending us out in the field to punch our own straw men while opening ourselves up to be accused. See also: toddlers on the No Fly List. These guys consistently get it wrong, one "oops" and your incendiary blog goes poof. But like Whack-a-Mole, a few angry bloggers will show up in your place to start bitching about how fucked everything is (sometimes with funny pictures) and so the cycle goes on. Google "accidentally" took out WC Varones and though they reinstated him, his site has never been the same since. I caught a whiff of rat on that one, did you?

I'm all for cockblocking terrorists as much as possible but we should be careful treading that line. Once it is up to government thug agencies to determine what "extremist" means, there's really nothing to stop them from defining anything they don't agree with as extremist. I'd just like to be sure we are all on that page before we crack open the box and let that particular beast out of the box.

Especially because I'm totally first in line to get branded an extremist if we get bright ideas like that over here in the good ole USSA.

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elf2006real said...

You're right, your Civil Rights really shouldn't be impugned.

Web sites are not our number one problem, despite what you may have heard. As far as writing this sort of thing into Law...NO. What needs to happen should just happen, they disappear and hence so do their web sites. That's not a function I want written into Law, or for the police. It's a job for soldiers and spies.

The answer to terrorism is not legalism, or as it's put the "rule of law". That has been the fundamental mistake the last two decades. It should be a Intelligence and Military Operation. You do know the military found Atta in 2000 by writing it's own social networking software? It was called "Able Danger". DoJ freaked, called it a Civil Rights violation, and made them destroy the evidence. Bush wasn't much better - he let DoJ and the FBI take the domestic lead after 9/11. That's retarded the entire process. If it had been run like every war up until this one, it would have been over in a year to 18 mos.

W.C. Varones said...

"his site has never been the same since"?

Ouch. I didn't know I sucked so bad.

No asshole I mean you have no Page Rank which means they pulled the plug and never fully plugged you back in.

I have been meaning to tell you that you have actually been doing an amazing job lately but fuck it, too late now.