Retirement? Screw You, You Aren't Automatically Entitled To One

Wednesday, September 01, 2010 0 Comments

So says AccountingWEB's Gail Perry in yesterday's Editor's Note:
Approximately half of Americans claim to have no retirement savings at all, and those with retirement plans at work seem to think it’s their employers’ responsibility to provide them with education and to give them time off to handle financial issues. Can we just dial back the clock a few decades and start taking responsibility for our own future and stop blaming someone else for the pickles we find ourselves in? And P.S. – seriously, what do these people think they’re going to do when they can no longer work? Are we going to become a nation of Night of the Living Dead zombies, people who can’t work or take care of themselves, feeding off of those who are more able?


P.P.S. Stupid brats aren't entitled to an education either. A degree isn't something you should automatically be given simply because you managed to graduate high school without strangling yourself on the curtain cords, dumbass.

But hey, the bright side is that I think we've resolved that whole entitlement issue... there's nothing left around here to be actually entitled to, even if we did feel compelled to think we deserve it anyway.

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