San Francisco: WTFpark

I sincerely hope that the idiots in City Hall can figure out how to maximize the scarce parking we already have with that $25 million SFPark project they've taken on. Like this beauty on 16th and Mission... am I supposed to put quarters into the meter to park at a red curb that I can't park at anyway? Is the cone there to alert me as to the WTFness of this situation? Is it a trap? HELP!

(Ironically, the non-red-curbed space in front of it does NOT have a meter and is the only spot on the block without one. I did a little investigative journalism and discovered that a nearby merchant may have had an accident whereby the meter was mysteriously and not-at-all suspiciously "removed" from the curb. Suffice to say I gave him one hell of a high five for taking back our streets from these SFMTA mafia punk bastards who have us confused with mobile piggy banks.)

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Anonymous said...

Gavin left his hat by the meter.