Thoughts on the 9/12 Sacramento Tea Party Rally

Monday, September 13, 2010 , 13 Comments

As many of you should already know, I make no bones about my status as an equal opportunity incendiary. Act like an idiot in a public forum and I'll call you out on it. Make a boneheaded move in SEC filings and I'm on it. Say dumb shit in a speech and I'll attack like a starving tiger who just caught the scent of meat in the air.

But my offensiveness is not limited to those in the public spotlight of accounting, finance and politics. Sometimes I manage to ruffle feathers (unintentionally, mind you) even in situations where you'd think I'd fit right in. I'm convinced my job here on Earth is to shake the status quo like a crying infant and if someone ends up with a broken neck in the process oh well, just doing my duty to humanity.

Yesterday I drove out to Sacramento to join WC Varones and Temple of Mut's Leslie Eastman at the 9/12 Tea Party because, well, I'm as fed up as anyone else. As previously stated, I don't consider myself a Tea Partier and probably never will even though I do identify with the general premise of the movement. Government is out of control and it's time to take our country back but all along the Tea Partiers have been invaded by frauds and hacks looking to attach to the movement and capitalize on its popularity. Meanwhile the media continues to get the movement's demographic wrong while sketchy politicians are trying to elbow their way in just to get a few more votes. So I understand the movement's skepticism but don't understand the following exchange I had with a volunteer staff member at the event.

Incendiary that I am, I slipped on my "Fuck Math" t-shirt before heading out to the sunny Central Valley yesterday morning thinking the hilarity would not be lost on the crowd. I only own one shirt with an American flag - purchased at a Merle Haggard concert in the city a few years back - but that doesn't make me any less of a patriot. Hell, I have an American flag tattooed on me, that should make me more of a patriot than someone who can play dress up as one. The shirt seemed like a good idea because if the federal government can say "Fuck Math!" so can I, right?

No one seemed offended and if they did they certainly didn't say so. Infamous 10 Commandments Judge Roy Moore, who spoke at the rally, walked past me several times and didn't proceed to attempt to exorcise the demons out of my incendiary ass so I thought it was all good, especially after several grandmas in American flag gear complimented me on it. I felt like the only San Franciscan in the audience of mostly salty Central Valley conservatives and was certainly the only one covered in tattoos and sauntering around in skinny jeans. But that should be irrelevant as how I look is not at all a reflection on how I feel about the situation. I may be in the San Francisco uniform but that doesn't mean I believe what my SF brethren do.

But one volunteer staff member caught me while I was out scoping the crowd and pulled me aside.

"You should take that shirt off."

Thinking a pink leopard bra peeking through a wifebeater would be far more offensive than whatever my shirt said, I balked at the idea. "Why's that?"

"What does that mean? Why are you here?"

"The federal government says 'fuck math' so I do too." I said this with half a grin, which I think angered him too.

Now the irony of getting censored at a rally all about personal freedom is not lost on me. Sure he didn't kick me out but it was then that I realized I really don't belong in this group as I'm not of the same salty belief system that my tattoos warrant a sneer. It's hard being out on the fringes of the conservative movement, believing in things like gay marriage. It's rough when you're the only one in a crowd of thousands with a neck tattoo and a skunk streak, and certainly hard when you're trying to make a point in the form of a tshirt when it is lost in the offensiveness of your statement. Trust me, I should know.

Anyway, the rally was great, attendance was good and all in all I was impressed by the sentiment, even if that one guy did make me feel like I wasn't welcome. Fuck him too.

Pics and a video can be found here. I will not be putting on a disguise should I choose to attend another and I guess everyone will just have to deal with it. That's the great part about our fine country and the exact reason why many of us are fighting so hard to keep it that way.

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elf2006real said...

I don't Tea Party cuz I don't do protest politics. I think they are of limited utility, and I don't want my picture taken. Not to mention it's

Having said that, I compliment you on fulfilling your civic duty.

It is possible, although I have no way of knowing or proving, that this person was exercising the self policing that the Tea Party espouses. The Media would love to get some mud on them that would stick. Now in the Heartland the F Bomb might just be enough. But on the Left Coast? Or for that matter NYC? Nah.

Or - I hate to speculate on this but you did ask the world - it may have been the Tea Parties understandable paranoia about infiltrators and agent provocateurs. Having been in situations where groups of people with secrets being investigated - it's contagious and corrosive, also understandable. It's not paranoia when they are out to get you.

I still think this person should lighten up. For Chrissakes it's California...

Anonymous said...

oooowweeeee! Leopard pattern! Leopard pattern anything goes with everything!!!

elf2006real said...

"I don't Tea Party cuz I don't do protest politics. I think they are of limited utility"

For instance, the MSM is reporting that 1,000 picketed downtown at the GZ Mosque and a smaller number protested against it.

The smaller number = 40,000

You're right. Fuck Math.

Economicon said...

I totally agree with your sentiment. I've thought for some time that the tea party movement had been co-opted and held hostage by people who would manipulate it to their own ends.

elf2006real said...

Like I said I'm keeping my distance.

But how do you manipulate a leaderless movement that self organizes by social networking, email, meeting and forming relationships at protests, that sprung up from the ground last year in hundreds of different cities, is made up of ordinary citizens, has few common goals except lower taxes, much less spending, and smaller govt?

In reaction to an out of control govt?

When they say leaderless movement, they mean it. It implies something even worse (code).

But the idea that it even could be manipulated into doing something it didn't want is not credible.

W.C. Varones said...

Picture of said T-shirt here.

Dean said...

JDA, as a couple of commenters already stated, I think the guy perhaps thought you were the type of trouble-maker the MSM salivates over at tea party events.

Having said that, I am totally open to the participation of any and all South Park Cons, as I am not aware that the tea party has any strong stances on social issues, as it shouldn't.

JDA --

You rock.

Add an AR15 slung muzzle-down and it's perfect.

Wanna be a guest provacateuse at the 10/30 Atlanta Restore The Constitution rally?

The slung-rifle tattooed SF hipster talking about freedom at Little Five Points will cause as much cognitive dissonance as the old white guys with slung rifles passing out Constitutions and talking about ending the war on all drugs....

Drop me a line.

Concerned American
Western Rifle Shooters Association


I would love to. I will actually be on the road during that time period on my way from SF to DC, if I take the southern route we could very possibly plan for me to storm the rally.

Will shoot you a note to discuss. Oh and you *have* to see my bee tattoo, I think you'd be into it.

Anonymous said...

That's not a bee, it's a wasp (Vespula squamosa). Very painful sting, and a big problem if you are allergic to the venom as it is highly unlikely that you will be stung by only one of them.

Nice shirt, but as Alinsky pointed out, "You don't walk into a meeting full of Jews while eating a ham sandwich." Or something like that. Wise man.

Well if it is a wasp, Anon, then perhaps my tattoo artist understood what I wanted better than I was able to express to him when I asked for it.

As for the sandwich reference, I am not Jewish and this is America so if I am so inclined to walk into a room full of Jews with bacon grease dripping from my chin, that's exactly what I am going to do. Keeping in mind, of course, that I would only do so if I was really craving a bacon sandwich and not because I simply felt like shit-disturbing for the sake of shit-disturbing. If you are with me on that.

Anonymous said...

You will be right at home with that tattoo.

Looks a lot like the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket .... only gun toting (which is NOT a stretch in Georgia) The South Shall Rise Again.



Hope you will be coming out to L5P on 30 October.

Here's coverage of some of our crew tonight just south of ATL:

GA RTC Holds Another Successful Rifle Open Carry Rally - This Time In McDonough

JDA, drop me a note when you can. I want to square away your logistics.