TLP: Didn't They Try Something Like This Before in the South?

Business must be really good at the Olde Salty.

From WECT in North Carolina:
A restaurant in Carolina Beach is stirring up controversy over a couple of signs reading, "Screaming children will not be tolerated."

The owner of the Olde Salty restaurant, Brenda Armes, is tired of having her customers complain to her about children misbehaving and screaming when others are trying to enjoy a quiet meal.

Armes says the signs have worked.

"It has been a good thing for us," Armes said. "It has brought us in more customers than it has ever kept away."

Gary Gibson was dining at the restaurant for the first time and agrees with Armes.

"It's not very enjoyable when you hear a bunch of kids screaming. It's nice to see a sign like that up," Gibson said.
You know the drill: substitute any group of people you like for "a bunch of kids" and the Olde Salty becomes the Old South.
"We want to attract the type of people that come in knowing they aren't going to have to sit behind a table with a bunch of screaming children," Armes said.
Something tells me the Olde Salty has just begun attracting people. Wonder if the restaurant has a lunch counter?

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Stephen said...

Are you out of your mind. Screaming kids are in no way related to race. This is the stupidest comparison I have ever seen!

I don't think it's so far off the mark. This is about tolerance, in fact the sign reads, "... will not be tolerated." Different circumstances and definitely a whole different level of harm to the people singled out for different treatment. But that is what's going on. And the "I-don't-want-that-near-me" attitude that says this is OK is the same one that resulted in signs on drinking fountains.

Anonymous said...

God save my wretched soul but I'll admit - I really dislike being in any public space with a screaming child/baby. My delicate sensibilities just can't take it. Makes me want to drink or sniff glue.

Rob said...

As a parent of 5 kids, I believe it is common courtesy to remove a screaming child from a public area where peace and quiet is expected. Should this be tolerated in a library? Movie theater? It's not like they are shooting the children, or hanging them from trees. While I find the sign a little low-brow, I have no problem with the policy, and likening it to racism is just ridiculous and absurd. So now it is racist and/or non-PC to dislike anything at all?

Anonymous said...

A typical knee-jerk reaction to a common issue. This is not fractionally comparable to racial discrimination. Families are not being told they can't bring their children. If a child acts up (and they all do at some point or another!), it is just common courtesy and manners to remove an excessively loud child away from all activity until they calm down, THEN return them to the dining area to finish enjoying the meal. It is not appropriate to assume everyone loves kids and more importantly, cares enough to understand. It's the PARENT's job to understand what their child's limits are and teach him what is appropriate behavior. If the child is tired, hungry, bored, has physical/mental issues or is just plain cranky, be aware of what sets him off and don't put him in situations that will make it worse not only for you and the kid but everyone else within earshot.

Most parents have the maturity and spatial awareness to ascertain the mood and expectations of the immediate environment, but frankly, some just need to be reminded. And those are the ones whose feathers, not surprisingly, are the most ruffled.