TLP: Psst! Vote for Me!

afraid to campaign
Now, this really qualifies as trying to coast.

Most candidates are eager to get their faces on television, especially when the airtime is free and they will have a chance to deliver their messages unfiltered.

But when Representative John M. Spratt Jr., a Democrat from South Carolina first elected in 1982, agreed to debate Mick Mulvaney, his Republican opponent, on Tuesday night, it was on the condition that no television cameras be allowed to record the event.

The only “viewers” were those who attended the face-off in person, at a South Carolina Lion’s Club. Reporters were allowed in with pens and notebooks, and they could post updates via Twitter, but they could not record any audio or video.
If you've been in Congress for three decades, maybe you think you've said it all enough times that voters know you or they don't. Or maybe you're just scared shitless in a year when incumbents are severely threatened and all you want to do is stay under everybody's radar as long as possible and just pray that enough people recognize your name and pull that lever.

Spratt will be 68 years old on Election Day. Could be he's thinking one more term and he'll retire. More stunts like this and that decision might be made for him, sooner than he'd like.

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