What I'm Beating TLP With: 9/26/10

Sunday, September 26, 2010 1 Comments

F-bomb Your Way to the Top Now the last three years of my career totally make sense. At last. (FINS Finance)

Running Before The Gunning "Lack of conditioning will kill you, even if everything else is beer and skittles-crapping unicorns." Holy shit, this IS the real-life zombie movie I've waited my entire life to see. In other words: don't be lazy, this is war. See GardenSERF's original post for one of the greatest declaimers I've ever seen. (Western Rifle Shooters Association)

Foreign Cenbank Holdings of US Obligations Weekly Update — to September 22, 2010 So THAT'S where it went. Thanks for clearing that up. (Housing Doom)

Q2 M1, M2, MZM Money Velocity Chart Updates, Rising Since Q4 2009 I guess I was confused and thought the money supply was actually off the charts. (Distressed Volatility)

Wall Street 3: Bloggers Never Shut Up I don't watch movies but if I did, I'd go see this. Or illegally download it from the Internet. If I can't catch the gist of it off dbag bloggers on Twitter so I don't actually have to watch it. (The Reformed Broker)

The Shoeshine Boy Ben Bernanke don't shine shoes anymore. "There is no such thing as a physical gold bubble." (FOFOA)

Today’s Florida Digest: $BAC #fail, Another Ponzi Ahoy And you wonder why this entire thing is so fucked up, watch Bank of America foreclose on a house paid for in cash. (LOLFed)

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