What I'm Beating TLP With: 9/5/10

Monday, September 06, 2010 0 Comments

We Can Only Dream Breaking news: unemployment terminally SUCKS and will continue to suck for the foreseeable future. You're welcome. (Financial Armageddon)

Quantitative Easing: A Toxic Phrase for a Routine Policy Former Dallas Fed President Bob McTeer thinks pundits should not pundit the Fed out of handling business, even if that means "printing money" or whatever we pundits are calling it these days. Or in other words: "I hope the Fed doesn’t let popular misunderstandings associated with toxic terminology keep them from doing what is necessary sooner rather than later." Hey, don't let me stand in anyone's way. (Bob McTeer)

Lagniappe - Every Bit You Paid For and Then Just a Little Bit Extra Better get that lagniappe, bitches. (Exuberant Accountant)

To Ripple Or Not To Ripple Just think, one of our favorite accounting professors almost became a professional bridge player. Well, not really. (Accounting Professor)

Where have all the accountants gone? I think they're hiding under the desk waiting for the worst of it to be over. That or studying for the CPA exam they blew off for the 3 years before the shit hit the fan. (Angry Accountants)

Guest Post: The “Wealthy” and the Bush Tax Cuts HEY! Stop making folks who pull in $200k+ a year into the bad guy! If Zimbabwe Ben keeps this up, one day even the most broke among us will count themselves in that not-so-impressive tax bracket. Whiners. (taxgirl)

Congressman at Town Hall: "The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in this Country" In case there was any confusion or, you know, sign of the Constitution round these parts. (The Conservative Nation)

Dick Cheney's Oily Dream Psst, Dick, the Middle East is not a coloring book. (Washington's Blog)

Day 311 – Penmanship I can speak from experience that having the ability to seduce through a clever phrase is much, much more effective than even my best push-up bra. Jonah Gibson reminds us that looks aren't everything but they're definitely something. (Days Of Living Aimlessly)

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