When a Dirty Fed Operative Defects And Invades a Tea Party Gathering

You don't know what you're doing, dude!
But go ahead and do it anyway *munch munch*

See I thought I had massive cojones to show up at a Tea Party rally in a "Fuck Math" t-shirt but Thomas Hoenig wins for having a larger pair than even me. I bow down, homie, you win, contestoverthanks.

What happens when one of the Fed's own gets fed up? Find out via Bloomberg/Businessweek/wtfever:
Thomas M. Hoenig, dressed in a gray suit, white shirt with French cuffs, and baby-blue tie, faces an edgy crowd of 150 people in a hotel meeting room in suburban Lenexa, Kan. A large "Kansas City Tea Party" banner covers a table at the door. Attendees wear anti-tax stickers on their lapels. This is not an after-dinner speech for which most central bankers would volunteer.

Hoenig heads the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. This year he also serves as a voting member of the powerful Federal Open Market Committee in Washington, which controls interest rates and the money supply. Many of those just now finishing their chocolate-chip bread pudding dessert at Lenexa's Crowne Plaza Hotel would like to see Hoenig lose his job. Nothing personal: They just consider the Federal Reserve an affront to the Constitution and want to shut it down, lock, stock, and vault.

Hoenig smiles at his audience and begins: "This is a support-the-Fed rally, right?"

Dead silence.

Then the room erupts in laughter. Disarmed, the Tea Partiers listen politely as Hoenig defends the Federal Reserve as an indispensible institution, even if at the moment, he says, it happens to be heading in the wrong direction.
That is either some of the greatest shit disturbing I have ever seen or a truly clever move by a dirty Fed operative looking to win some points with the unwashed masses. A few points can really take them a long way.

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