No on 19?

I have to change my vote: that's no on 19, not yes. Schwarzenegger just legalized it and 19 could effectively make it illegal again. Illegal to sell and buy on the "black market" that is; because once you put a "tax" value on it, it becomes what the state perceives as a revenue, whether or not what it is expecting is actually realized.

That's how government accounting works and I would hate to see weed owned by the corporation state at this point. The state is not capable of maximizing the revenue potential on marijuana (if there is an optimistic one) without screwing with its citizens' right to use it already allowed as of Oct 1. That was a late trick move by the Taxinator but hey, he owes us.

When free markets are being strangled by the corporate state or being threatened with as much, we need to do the responsible thing and protect those that exist now. What next? Taxes on Craigslist sales of crap you don't want anymore that's barely used?

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elf2006real said...

You seriously thought the govt was going to legalize weed because it was the just thing to do?


Of course they were after the $$

And as I have been saying for years, once it's legal, the quality will suck major ass.

And I hardly ever smoke.

Get ready for "Buzz Lights" from Philip Morris. Made with Real Krypto parts!! (sweepings). Filtered for less resin!!

And right behind that...Trial Lawyers!!