Socialist Asshats Over at MarketWatch Want More Job Action From the Government

No kidding, they titled it "Government needs to step it up on jobs" and went into dismal job numbers that everyone knew would be dismal with the expiration of temporary census gigs that have now officially dried up. So sad.

The latest jobs figures show that the U.S. labor market remains stuck in first gear and is in danger of stalling altogether.

The private sector added 64,000 jobs last month, far less than half as many as necessary just to keep pace with population growth. This is a significant improvement over going in reverse, but it’s insufficient to bring down the near-record-high unemployment rate of 9.6%. Read more about the jobs report.

The federal government shed 77,000 temporary U.S. Census Bureau workers last month, and local governments laid off 76,000 workers amid declining tax revenues due to high unemployment and high home foreclosures. This is exactly the wrong time for state and local governments to drag down our economy, yet that’s what’s happening.

Listen, we all know it's an election year but now is not the time for the government - federal or otherwise - to start doing somersaults it is going to have to pay for with interest later to create jobs. Hate to break this to anyone who is holding out for that but it is not and never was the government's job to sustain the workforce, nor should it be expected now. How difficult is this for the media and talking heads to understand?

For example, JDA's home state of Wisconsin. When I was growing up in Milwaukee, my mom told me tales of working in factories until she got her degree as a Registered Nurse and many of her friends slaved away bottling beer or stamping machine parts because, well, that's just what you do if you live there. Johnson Control, Badger Meter, Harley-Davidson, Miller... all of these were iconic employers of my youth and a huge motivator to little JDA dreaming of an escape to California, lest she end up stuck in one of those factories stamping widgets herself for the remainder of her days.

But those days are long gone and it shouldn't be surprising to hear that the government sector now employs more Wisconsinites than manufacturing.

Check out the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's PolitiFact:

"For the first time in history," [GOP Senate candidate Leah] Vukmir declares in a flier that she distributes door to door in the district, "Wisconsin has more government jobs than manufacturing jobs."

Such a statistic, if true, would indicate a profound change in the very complexion of the state.

Vukmir, according to her campaign staff, based her statement on a December 2009 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The article was about a state Department of Workforce Development report on unemployment in the previous month.

The report said the state had 438,200 government jobs (federal, state and local, including schools) in November 2009. That was 2,400 more than the 435,800 jobs in manufacturing.

The article went on to say government employment had exceeded manufacturing employment in April and May of 2009, as well.

Those developments were notable because, on an annual basis, manufacturing jobs exceeded government jobs in every year since 1966, which is as far back as the state statistics go.

Keep begging for those government jobs, people, just don't come crying to us later when it all goes awry. Meanwhile, hate to break this to anyone but the manufacturing jobs are gone and that was kind of the plan. Hence shipping everything over to China and India years ago.

Again, careful what you wish for, morons.

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