That's Two

Thursday, October 21, 2010 , 0 Comments

JDA 2nd anniversary
At some point on this day two years ago, Jr Deputy Accountant pushed a button and published “The Baby Post.” It was “tentative,” she said, and entirely dependent on two things:
Response and Responsibility

That's it.

If no one's reading, I might as well not be writing. That part is pretty simple, no?

And if I'm not saying anything worth reading, why should I expect anyone to read it?
More than 3,200 posts later, there’s very little that’s tentative anymore about JDA, the woman or the website, if there ever was. If I’m gauging her reactions right, the response has been sometimes overwhelming, often gratifying and always appreciated. And I’m absolutely biased in the matter, but I’m going to say she fulfills the responsibility she set out for herself to be worth reading.

So, congratulations, Jr. Happy second anniversary. And thanks for giving a lazy fuck like me all you do.

The Lazy Paperboy

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