TLP: Bubba & Newt, Political Foes, But Both Generals in the Dick Army

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Nobody gets to pick their own name, but anybody can change that. Some people should, but haven't. Like Dick Armey. He could easily be Richard. Much more fun that he isn't and even more fun that he loves the sound of his own voice so much that he talks about all kinds of shit.

The Huffington Post got wind of what Armey is saying as he relaunches his political career as a teabagger:
President Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich shared similar fidelity failures during their time in office, but new accounts of their relationship suggest that the two were closely bound by their flaws, so much so that the two would privately discuss their indiscretions over drinks and cigars.

Dick Armey, former House Majority Leader and FreedomWorks chief, sat down with Marvin Olasky of World magazine for an interview Thursday that drifted to talk of the sex scandals of the 1990s.
The HuffPo then goes on to cite The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which pulled the relevant Q&A from the World interview. (Still following along?)
Armey: When I heard that Newt had been carrying on an affair for all the years that we’d worked together, I went home and said, “Honey, I had no idea about this.” She said, “Of course not. You’re the last person in town Newt would have wanted to know about this.” Newt was scared of me. What I discovered: Clinton found out about the Gingrich affair and called Newt over to the White House for a private meeting between the two of them. Clinton said, “You and I are alike.” Which meant, shut up about Monica or I’ll start telling your story.

Olasky: Was it blackmail or bonding?

Armey: Newt and Clinton actually developed sort of a bond over it. They had many meetings that we didn’t know about where they’d drink wine and smoke cigars and talk about their girlfriends. It’s fascinating; why would you confess to your mortal enemy what you wouldn’t tell your closest friends?
Oh, I don't know, maybe just a way to show whose big swinging dick is bigger and swinging harder? slapslapslap "Take that!"

Anyway, just goes to show how much things have changed since the '90s. These days, when the president and the leader of the congressional opposition get together, they compare tans and Obama probably sneaks a smoke.

A note: As readers may know, JDA is midway through her crosscountry journey from San Francisco to her new Fedbashing base in the DC area (Exact location classified, duh). Despite her considerable multi-tasking talents, a girl needs some time to enjoy the trip and pick up a souvenir here and there.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought the Democrats should have a leader named Vagina Battalion to be Dick Armey's nemesis.

cjn said...

It's more likely that Bam bums smokes off Boehner:

The next speaker doesn't sound to keen on quitting.

cjn said...


cjn -

makes for a great subplot: obama glad to have a republican speaker, both to blame for gridlock and to enable his smoking.

nice * ... you caught it before JDA did.

chairmanben said...

No bumming cigs at the Fed, we're to busy smoking flagrant cigars.