TLP: Can They Make the Same Rule About Pledge Drives?

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There's a reason NPR is no fun. And those lame Saturday "game" shows don't fucking count.

The Huffington Post:
NPR has reminded its employees that they are not allowed to participate in the upcoming rallies led by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

"NPR journalists may not participate in marches and rallies involving causes or issues that NPR covers, nor should they sign petitions or otherwise lend their name to such causes, or contribute money to them," Senior Vice President for News, Ellen Weiss, wrote in a memo Wednesday morning. "This restriction applies to the upcoming John [sic] Stewart and Stephen Colbert rallies."

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller forwarded the memo, sent initially to news staff, to the entire organization, telling employees that the note applied to "digital, programming/AIR, legal and communications" employees in addition to the news staff.

"However, no matter where you work at NPR you should be very mindful that you represent the organization and its news coverage in the eyes of your friends, neighbors and others," Schiller continued. "So please think twice about the message you may be sending about our objectivity before you attend a rally or post a bumper sticker or yard sign. We are all NPR."
Well, this last bit is pretty standard stuff for the media. Not taking sides is smart. You know, when we're talking about real candidates and elections and not a couple of satirical smartasses. No matter how many people claim that the Stewart and Colbert shows are where they get The News.

I think NPR just gave up.

Snark Bonus: "The Huffington Post is sponsoring buses from New York to DC for the rallies."

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W.C. Varones said...

Those will be some bitter leftists at NPR if they can't go rally with their comrades.

After all, they called the Tea Party a hate group.

How's that for objective, state-sponsored journalism?

It's funny that NPR treats the Stewart/Colbert event as some sort of actual political rally.

Guess if they can't go to that, they'll all wind up Saturday afternoon at a cookout in Lake Wobegon.