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online time wasting
It's Monday again and, in theory, the start of another week of work for many of you loyal JDA readers. If you're reading this in the office, congratulations. You are not wasting time online.

At least, that's according to a report by 24/7 Wall Street:
The PC has become a tremendous tool of both efficiency and waste at the same time. It gives workers the unprecedented ability to communicate, record and analyze data. Employees, though, now evade their responsibilities at work thanks to a nearly infinite number of social interaction, entertainment and pornography websites

24/7 Wall St. took the total amount of time that workers with PCs spend online in the office while involved in personal pursuits and broke the number down into the top ten “time wasters.” We used data from survey organizations such as Nielsen, Pew and Harris, and companies that develop software to monitor use of the Internet, such as Pandora’s The Office Software (theOS), to calculate the hours per week spent on non-work activities.

The figures seem to mirror internet activity in general. Workers spend more than an hour per week on social media, which is by far the most popular way to tie up corporate computer networks. This is followed by online games, and e-mail. None of the other available activities come even close to these three in undermining workplace productivity.
Jr Deputy Accountant is here to help you, dear readers. To make you smarter, make you think. And, as always, bring the LOLz. Do any of these do all that for you?

The list from 24/7 Wall Street:
1. Social Networks – 1.24 hr/week
2. Online Games – 0.56 hr/week
3. E-mail – 0.45 hr/week
4. Portals – 0.24 hr/week
5. Instant Messaging – 0.22 hr/week
6. Fantasy Football – 0.12 hr/week (during season)
7. Pornography – 0.13 hr/week
8. Videos/Movies – 0.21 hr/week
9. Search – 0.19 hr/week
10. Online Shopping – 0.15 hr/week
The report presumed that workers spend about half their time online, with 5 of those 20 or so hours on personal time-wasting activities. That leaves 15-plus hours of productive online pursuits. Like JDA.

You're welcome. (And no fair counting us as porn.)

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Mark said...

JDA - 2-3 hours a day

Everything else (including work) 4-5hours a day

Porn - 0 (it is fucking blocked)