Effective Immediately, Her Name Shall Not Be Spoken On This Website. Ever.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 , , , 26 Comments

That's it. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of hearing her name and I'm sick of hearing her opinion on everything from quantitative easing to Wikileaks. Who the fuck is Sarah Palin to show up everywhere with an opinion on everything? Is she running for office or something? Somehow qualified to be featured on every news cast?

It's over. I know TLP loves to rip on her but effective immediately I will not be allowing any mentions of Sarah Palin on this website. I reserve the right to change that if she runs for office in 2012, at which point I will have to dust off my snob hat and commence to ripping on her once again but for now I do not want to see her name printed anywhere on this particular piece of Internet real estate.

Maybe if we all ignore her she will actually go away.

Update: Not even 10 minutes after hitting "publish" on this post, I received a scathing email from a cowardly commenter who shall not be outed accusing me of being an asshole liberal trying to silence Queen Palin. It went something (exactly) like this:

Are you one of those intolerant liberals? Funny, when someone doesn't agree with your views, you want to shut them down. So predictable, so intolerant of other views.

What is it about this woman that inspires such rabid madness in her supporters? It is a sickness, people, especially if conservatives are actually going after their own to defend her. Nowhere in this post did I say Palin should be silenced, I merely exercised my right as an Internet real estate mogul to refrain from posting about her on my own property going forward. What's wrong with that?

Obviously I made the right choice.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is my hero.

You're banned, Anon.

Anonymous said...

I'm banned dontcha ya know.

Scott R said...

Your blog, your writing, and your decision as to what is put on it, same as mine. If they don't like it to hell with them...


Exactly. I don't care if my "associates" like her and expect the same sort of respect in return. I no longer care to promote the attention whoring as it's gotten out of control and, frankly, kind of scary.

I'm not one of those conservatives who believes I have to vote for whoever the rest of the herd is voting for, that's how we ended up with a bunch of shit-for-brains assholes in Congress. And I refuse to believe that my people actually endorse this woman and this kind of behavior.

We can do so much better than this.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck does running for office all of a sudden qualify someone as an expert in everything from foreign relations to avogadro's theory? I'd ask for her advice on gutting a moose.

You realize that part of the appeal of writing about her is that she presents such a fat fucking target. For every inane comment she makes that infuriates you, I see a fresh opportunity.

She is truly a lazy blogger's dream :)

Oh well, guess I'll have to actually work at this now.

Economicon said...

I'm very offended that she-that shall-not-be-named has tried to co-opt and hijack the tea party, and relatively successfully. I'm almost embarrassed to say, that at the beginning, during the presidential election, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and supported her. However, at this point, there is NO doubt.

Ubu said...

She is part of a media circus I prefer to avoid; I don't feel strongly about her either way, but her ever-present opinion is getting to be too much. I think that's the right emotional note regarding most of what is irritatingly over-promoted: disinterest. She's not as bad as Boxer, but nowhere close to Thatcher.


YES! I really aligned myself with the early Tea Party but had to turn and walk away in disgust after Queen She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named came sniffing around and - as you perfectly stated - hijacked the movement.

That's exactly why I cringed when she started ripping on the Fed and begged for her to find some other cause to attach like a leech to. We don't need her help and not to speak for the rest of the End the Fed movement but I personally do not want her anywhere near what we are trying to do.

She can shove her endorsement directly up Todd's ass as far as I am concerned.

OldSouth said...

Well, in the interests of convenience, and preventing repetitive motion injuries,may we refer to her as SWSNBN? Or Swizzinbin, to give her a title that can be pronounced?

chairmanben said...

Rather a backrub from Palin than front rub from Yellen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for banning Palin. I will anticipate reading your blog even more now that I know I won't have to digest shit about her. Palin gives intelligent women a bad name. I think she should stick to reality television and opt out of politics.

Anonymous said...

She's a Queen Bee populist - nothing more and nothing less. Her 15 minutes of fame may be fleeting where politics are concerned but she'll likely show up in some other spotlight elsewhere.

Even Roman Catholic priests have been known to jump on the populist bandwagon so why not a former two year Guv'nor from Alaska who was formerly the mayor of a town with 5,800 souls on a lonely stretch of route 3?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, my linky magic thing didn't work - anyhoo, I was trying to be clever and it didn't work... what a shocker, huh? Anyway, Google Father Charles Coughlin and you'll see what I'm talking about (but you might know what I'm talking about even without the help of Mr. Google.

Anonymous said...

JDR, I'll back your decision.

She's an empty suit quitter sell-out, who left her town with millions in debt while claiming to be a fiscal conservative.

It's just infuriating that she gets headlines whenever she craps out a twitter post but people such as Ron Paul and Peter Schiff who have written whole books still get ignored by the MSM.

And seriously, does anyone really buy that she's actually done half of the activities in her 'Alaska' show before?

Anonymous said...

But, Palin has nice tits

Her tits are still welcome on this website then.

Anonymous said...

Yea, are photos OK?
Perhaps some nudes?

And eww, isn't there a better word? How about jugs? Or funbags? Or cans?

Nudes are allowed but only if her mouth doesn't make a cameo in the shot.

Anonymous said...


Boobs would be a fitting term.

profalbrecht said...

JDA, why even post about it. By announcing a ban on her name appearing on your blog, you gave her publicity.

Why not mark the event with silence? Wouldn't that be more fitting?

Excellent point, Professor, however I did it for TLP's sake, he loves writing about her for some strange reason.

I was tempted to go back and strike her name from every post in which she appears but that would involve spending far more time than she is worth IMHO.

elf2006real said...

Well what so deranges you about her? I've seen little that I'd lay at her door (that I found credible). Actually one of her strongest points is she reduces faux educated Libs FUGGIN NUTZ.

"Excellent point, Professor, however I did it for TLP's sake, he loves writing about her for some strange reason...."

the same reason Andrew Sullivan does?